What is considered as a permanent address in FAFSA? + Parents' address

I am a US Citizen because I was born here, but I was raised in another country(KR) and came back last year with my parents. We’re currently living in a rented house and my parents are going back to their house in KR in June 2020. So by the time I start going to college, my permanent address will be the one in KR. But I’m not sure what I should write in the 2020-2021 FAFSA form. In this case, what should my permanent address and parents’ address be?

Use the address where you want to get mail.

Many students move after filing FAFSA. Just be sure to keep your colleges updated with any new addresses.

Are you applying to instate college in the state you are in? Are you expecting to get instate rates? If you have moved here to be qualified for instate then for the love of gad use your current US address. Use the information as per the date you applied.

Hold it…just replying to the above. If you moved here to get instate tuition…just be very sure that when your parents move away you will still get that instate tuition.

But to answer the question, use the place where you receive mail. But keep in mind, you will need to change this with the U.S. postal service to continue to get your mail.

The address has to be in the U.S., I believe. Other than that fact, you can use any address where you will be able to receive mail. The address will be provided to the loan servicer if you borrow, and you can change your address with your servicer at any time.


It has to be a U.S. address? What to expats do? There are plenty of college kids who lived abroad with their families…and their families remain abroad. They don’t have a U.S. address.

I haven’t had to deal with this issue in a few years, but in the past I had issues with Canadian addresses on loans - the loan would reject because of the address, which comes from the FAFSA. So the foreign address on the FAFSA may have been okay, but it caused issues down the road - the address on the loan is pulled from the FAFSA permanent address. When I called about it, I was told that the student had to have a U.S. address. (I was able to change the address to a U.S. address with the student’s permission, so it’s not an obstacle that can’t be overcome - but it did hold up the students’ loans until someone was able to identify & fix the issue.)

There were issues with non-U.S. addresses on loan MPNs, too, for the required references. This also happened to students when they tried to use a non-U.S. address in the reference section for federal loans’ exit counseling.

When possible, I recommend using a U.S. address on anything associated with the student on the FAFSA or federal loans. If there is a U.S. relative’s address that can be used, it might be wise to use that.

We moved when our D graduated HS (not out of the country but to a different state). We used the address where we were living for all forms/applications and then just changed the address after we moved.