What is the atmosphere like?

<p>WOW I have been away for quite some time.... yet not seemingly so from the # of posts HA HA.</p>

<p>Update from me. My son is now a rising Junior and still plays Football and does the Javelin in Spring T & F. </p>

<p>My Daughter is going to attend GCC in the fall here (ah lets see....dearest wife and I will be "empty nesters" in 2 weeks and 3 days.....who's counting???) <raises hand="">.</raises></p>

<p>How are the parties? Good question. My wife and I and my daughter met up with the son and about ten of his friends, went into the Ketler Rec Kitchen / dining Room.... And cooked up some stuff and brought in goodies, and it was one of the most fun family and young adult experiences ever.</p>

<p>Dear son occaisionally goes into town gets a big bag of ice cubes and the Daiquiri Mix and has daquiri (NON ALCHOHOL) nite watching movies in his room a couple times a month. We have had some awesome tailgates before the home football games, and we hosted a large portion of one of the athletic teams at our house this past winter (I live about a half hour away). THAT PARTY WAS A BLAST!!!</p>

<p>I hear the dances are fun but low key.....What else????</p>

<p>Oh yea, one detail. If she is interested in ......lets get drunk, high, beer stand, animalhouseistic type parties...... this is not the college for her.</p>