What is the Nerd-Factor Level of Most Med School Applicants?

<p>As an MD/PhD, I will definitely agree that the PhD students are much nerdier than the MDs (where does that put us? That being said I was social chair for my MD class both years). Getting a masters appears to be one long party though.</p>

<p>Med students don’t seem to have a lot of time to kick back. Maybe that’s what it is that people see as “nerdish.” Although it doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a good time. From my limited experience as a first year med student’s mom, if you can grab an afternoon to play golf on the weekend, you’re doing pretty fine. Maybe that’s how the stereotype got started ;-)</p>

<p>My H is a physician. I feel most of our physician friends are intelligent, well rounded, and fun individuals. There are not too many I know that I would classify as “nerdy”. Of course, my opinion is completely one-sided and biased. :slight_smile: As to partying…my H’s med school had Friday happy hours that were affectionately referred to as “liver rounds”.</p>