What other universities should we look at as a plan B?

@mom2collegekids can you give info about the University of Alabama scholarships?

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That’s Arizona. But Alabama has one too. Just google Alabama merit aid.



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Check University of New Mexico. Their Amigo Scholarship has less rigourous requirements.


Have you considered whether she might have a learning disability that would qualify her for time and a half for testing? Sometimes these things are not so obvious. My S19s received accommodations for autism spectrum with time and a half testing in quiet room 1:1. Sometimes students will work hours on an assignment that peers do in less than an hour-getting good grades but working much harder and not attracting the teacher’s attention since getting good grades. They may know their stuff and be capable but have slower processing, dyslexia, anxiety, be a perfectionist or in my son’s case, he refused to guess (not sure if he refused to skip ahead) on standardized tests. Some students may be affected by the environment around them (noise, smells, heat regulation). Schools do not always catch these disabilities, especially when the student is getting good grades and well-behaved. We did not have our son diagnosed until he was a freshman in Hs by an Autism specialist. There is a broad range of disabilities and I am not a specialist about what would qualify for additional time.


If you kept FPP for grad school, what would your budget be for her undergraduate years, per year assuming 4 years if private, 5 if public? (Askibg this to neutralize the “FPP” variable because it’s obscuring some key points.)

Can you run the NPC on Denison and return to let us know whether the number is within budget?
Your strategy, outside of FL publics with a Speech Disorders or Communication Disorders BS (that she can’t count on getting into but would be affordable) will be different depending on whether you qualify for financial aid, strictly need merit aid, or a combination ?
Denison meets need. If the number is unaffordable, you’ll need a combination of merit and need. If they basically assume you can pay the whole thing, then your strategy will be strictly merit and you’d target different colleges.

I am also an SLP. I concur with @thumper1 that the undergrad and grad programs are typically funded by the parents, unless you can get into one of the universities that offer merit.

When she is starting her graduate clinical practicum hours (off campus), at hospitals, clinics and schools, she will be driving to her sites, taking her lunches, and working late. All of this is not funded, so she will need to be on a budget. Save your dollars for her graduate degree and her “work” expenses.

At my undergrad uni, a huge part of the Speech coursework involved linguistics, but they also required psychology classes including: physiological psych, family relations, children’s behavior, and psychological statistics. A number of my classmates minored in psych because we had so many psych requirements that almost everyone had the units completed. I specialized in foreign languages, and used my time to complete those. I was too lazy to add an additional 3 psych courses to minor in it.

Your daughter needs to look at the course catalog (online) that shows which electives are accepted for the BS diploma. She can get a jump on her requirements for the comm dis major by taking the acceptable psych courses.

My grad program had ~300-400 students, at all levels, and included audiology, DHH, AAC, and Speech Sciences/Physics of sound.
It was very competitive and now it only has about 30-60. They just don’t have the tenured professors who have time to supervise the theses.

Most of the professors are part-time. I am called often and have been asked to supervise students, however, it’s not an area of interest for me. Students do contact me from time to time, for consults, but I don’t want to work at a university.

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Prior to the covid situation, ACT was going to have individual section. Does anyone know if that will come back? That could be a strategy for a student who might not otherwise have the endurance to do well in all tests in one day…focusing on one section at a time.

With super score, i would never do that. it’s a money grab. go big…do it all.

if she’s only taken the SAT like 1 or 2 times, I would say try taking it at least 1 more time if you can

@1Lotus She has test anxiety. I’ve worked with her school to get her accommodations and tested, but was not able to get anything for her. I may examine this again though. Thank you. She doesn’t seem to have an issue with the timing though. I’ve asked her and she seems to finish everything within normal timing.

@MYOS1634 I will definitely look at Denison. Today I ordered a catalog from the “Colleges That Change Lives” and Denison is one of them.

@aunt_bea Thank you. Our daughter knows if she chooses grad school our finances are very limited. She will have to take out loans and think about the return on investment. Of course the less we have to use for undergrad the more we can provide her.


She’ll need to have a longer list than what she probably expected, but she CAN get into a terrific college.
(Denison is FANTASTIC)

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If someone else mentioned this, I missed it, but USF’s middle 50% for Summer admission is lower than Fall admission. I’ve heard of more and more folks taking the summer admission route (and at least last year, the summer was a limited course load that could be done online). May not be an issue when your daughter retakes, but if she’s concerned, she can always look at that as an option.

Yes! Thank you so much. She actually applied to several schools for summer and got in. She is actually starting at USF summer B online this upcoming Monday! Very excited. Hope this helps someone that sees this in the future!


Do you mind me asking what the summer hours commitment is? My own kid may apply for summer 2023 admission, and while I know its good for lower test score kids, it’s not clear to me practically how it works.

They have to take two classes in that first summer, 6 credits, to be considered full time. Some kids choose to do the classes from home, like my daughter, and others on campus. There is also another program called Summer ACE, which is different. You don’t apply for it, kids are placed in this program that gives them some extra help making the transition to college. They have to do ACE on campus.

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