What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about Brown?

Haven’t had enough experience to come up with a “worst” yet, sorry.

Like others, I really, really, really like Providence. I could easily see myself living there. It’s such a nice, beautiful and livable city. I also love College Hill, the Brown and RISD campuses and the surrounding neighborhood, the churches, the old houses … all of it. College Hill and the schools on the Main Line in Philly are my personal favorite college locations.

Brown has been, to us, everything it’s cracked up to be. Responsive admins, great professors, engaged students. I love the place. And while some may disagree, I think they managed the pandemic very well.

I like it so much I’ll be there Thursday.

Good luck.


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Many of the dorms are old and run down. One of the dorms, grad center, was built to withstand riots and is a blob of concrete without good gathering places.

The administration…. For me the problem is they use all these buzz words that make it seem like they are altruistic, but the reality is they are focused on the economic health of the college rather than the students’ experience. I don’t think the administration in reality is worse than anywhere else, it’s just that I expected more given how they talk and portray themselves. Also, a little pat on the back to the Parents Group. The admin recently re-imposed very strict Covid regulations where kids couldn’t gather in more than groups of 5, yet the university reserved the right to continue to host large events that it wanted to host. So on the same day that the restrictions were reenacted, the U was hosting a huge dinner for all their athletes and posting about it. The students and parents both pushed back on how hypocritical that was, and the admin backed down.

But those are the bad things. I can’t say enough good things about the support you will get there. The other poster is right about how wonderful the faculty are. My kid has had 2 amazing independent studies, and her concentration advisor has offered to promote her for various impressive fellowships. Another terrific thing about the school is it’s advising system. My kid has a wonderful faculty advisor, and she’s had terrific peer advisors and has been a peer advisor herself for 2 years.


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I’ve heard once you go off meal plan the world opens up for food! With Johnson and Wales right there, Providence is such a foodie city, it’s just not practical to spend additional money on food off campus, esp without a car.

Miller and the other freshman dorms on andrews quad are def the nicest first year dorms, recently updated. I don’t mind my old dorms–freshman was built in the 50s and my current dorm was built in 1926. It’s really cool to see all the old-fashioned stuff that still survives. I just wrote a paper about the signage in my dorm, actually.

Grad E has a nice space…I get the impression most people live in grad center for the singles, not because they want to socialize in their dorms. The outside is horrific though. It sucked with having nowhere to go with covid, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by all the nice gathering spaces on campus.


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