What Summer Job? Kids Would Rather Get a Foot in the Door at a Big Company

Minimum wage is too high. There aren’t enough entry level fast food and retail jobs around here to fit the high demand. Teens get passed over for the mid-20s college graduate who can’t find anything better.

@Studious99, and seniors that still need to work - I can’t tell you how many gray haired people there are working at the grocery store.

For an actual job, baby siting and dog walking is about as good as it’s gets around us…Every employer told our DD’s that they needed a commitment longer than 2-3 months and were only interested if they were commuting to college.

Why not both? I work days at a computational research lab and nights at a minor league baseball concessions stand

My kid struggled to find summer work and after filling out over 20 applications, managed to find a job at a summer camp. No major retailers or chains seem to want to employ college students, unless they attend college in the area.

Yea. That or most kids will actually TRY to enjoy their summer instead of worrying about money. Nevertheless working does teach skills that can be very useful in life, such as learning how to be an effective communicator.

“Many more students are seeking out internships… making contacts at companies that students might want to work at post-graduation can be a smart move.”

This is particular so for rising college seniors who want to work in banking (or consulting). There is an about 70-80% chance of doing a rising senior internship at a major firm and then turning it into a permanent jobs at the same firm (for at least HYP and Wharton kids). Furthermore, internships at these industries pay well, usually at the base salary rate of the first year analyst. Students thus make around $15-$18k for a usual 10-week internship. A typical summer job surely does not pay anywhere near this amount.

@prof2dad this is talking about high school students

@snowfairy137 I read the article. I do not think the article is only about high school students. The title of the thread, “Kids Would Rather Get a Foot in the Door at a Big Company,” also suggests that OP is more interested in college students.

@prof2dad they’re a little all over the place aren’t they? I went off the fact that this is in high school lice.

@JasmineArmani, it teaches more than life skills, it puts spending money in a student’s pocket. In our house, while tuition/board at the school of their dreams is something we saved for and are happy we can do, not having a summer job or any money in one’s pocket will make for a bleak campus experience - that’s also a life skill…

@Chembiodad But internships also serve that purpose.

Yes, internships that provide compensation are best.

@Chembiodad Which are most internships these days cause of labor laws. The general rule is that if you’re doing something that the company has to pay someone else to do otherwise they have to pay you.

Yup, money is good - all denominations

@Chembiodad Agreed.

When you compare fast food to the something like the Stark internship, it’s no doubt people would prefer the latter :wink:

Interestingly enough, the only people my D knows who are “working” this summer are CITs at the summer camps they were campers at for years. Everyone else seems to be doing summer programs at places like Brown or having international experiences in places like Peru or Japan. If not, they are traveling with family. Times have sure changed. We don’t know one kid with a regular summer job. Kind of sad. It never even crossed my mind for my D to find a summer job, because like everyone else, I thought she should do something enriching and exciting. Guilty as charged.

My daughter is a rising senior (high school) and every one of her friends who wants a job has one. My daughter applied and went through multiple interviews to attain a paid summer internship. It is a program in Philadelphia for rising juniors, seniors and college freshmen. Her friends are also in this program or camp counselors, life guards, hostesses, waitresses, valets and an assortment of shop attendants. We do live in a large city, so that may make a difference. A lot of kids will travel with family, but that is for standard 2 week vacations, not all summer. My daughter also has 2 different dance Summer Intensives. One at the beginning of summer and one at the end before we take a vacation.

Most paid internships seem to be offered to rising seniors at college or sometimes rising juniors. Unpaid, that’s another story, and basically volunteering.

Large-scale unskilled immigration to the US did not exist in 1978; it started only in the 1980s. That has also played a role. (Before calling me a racist, note that I am not a Republican and did not vote for Trump.)