What to Eat before doing The SAT

<p>I took the ACT 20 hours into a 30 hour famine to raise money to feed people in 3rd world countries. I didn’t put together that the dates overlapped until about a week before, by which point I had raised over $500 to do this, so I couldn’t back out then.
Ended up with a 34, but still: definitely not recommended. Eat something. Best bet: get in the habit of eating breakfast before test day. And then continue that habit after test day. Because breakfast is good, and your brain will (indirectly) thank you.</p>

<p>honestly, dont over think it, youll just get paranoid and drive yourself crazy. eat anything healthy, bring snacks and a few pieces of candy, drink water like you normally should. youll do great, good luck</p>

<p>I love egg white omelettes before tests… Bring a banana or a granola bar for the break, though, especially if you have a faster metabolism.</p>

<p>[Food</a> for thought: Glucose is good for learning and memory](<a href=“http://www.apa.org/monitor/mar00/brainbox3.aspx]Food”>http://www.apa.org/monitor/mar00/brainbox3.aspx)</p>

<p>I did not sleep the night before my test, due to insomnia, despite still being in recovery from a bout of mononucleosis. I brought a muffin with me for during a break, but was not hungry enough before the test to eat a real breakfast. I sustained myself largely on Mountain Dew alone.</p>

<p>I proceeded to score a 2240. Just a nice counter-example to all these opinions of nice, healthy meals.</p>

<p>(I in no way recommend not sleeping or eating, but I’m just saying that it’s possible to excel anyway.)</p>