Whats are the best national awards for HLS admission?

my suggestion is don’t do something as a gimmick. Do it bcos you generally care. In such cases, it will become part of you.

Again, EC’s don’t much matter. H is just not gonna are if you teach for TFA, join the military, tutor the underprivileged, work to reduce bullying, work to prevent domestic violence, or get a job working retail at Walmart. (you’d be surprised what you can learn about others while working retail.)

As long as you do something important to you (while studying for the LSAT).

Touché. thx again for such piercing ideas.

Hank, my daughter is currently wait-listed at HLS. It is first, foremost, and almost 100% about the numbers. Focus your energy on getting a 173 or higher LSAT and getting your GPA up as high as possible. Spending energy pursuing “national awards” if you haven’t first achieved a competitive LSAT/GPA is a waste of time

Thank you there. I am still a sophomore at Berkeley. My “numbers” are unpredictable right now; However, I think that I could already start on doing some extra-curricular work now to enhance my profile. Congratulations to you and your daughter, even been wait-listed is kind of an honor. It presented the hard work and power your daughter has gained. HLS is my dream school, so Jealous. By the way, my potential GPA is like 3.8 for my bachelor’s degree in English. What score I must have on my LSAT to be possibly admitted by HLS so far?

HLS doesn’t like GPAs below 3.85, especially for students applying directly from undergrad. Work to get your GPA up as high as possible, preferably >3.9. Have a look at lawschoolnumbers.com.

OP, you are not a native English speaker, right?

No, I am not. I am an ESL student, also an F-1 international student. Why are you asking this? Is that means I am screwed?

Jesus, a 3.9 is literally impossible for me now. Am I dead to them?

I just mean it makes 3.8 or 3.9 in an English major at UCB a little harder. Are you generally a top 1% test taker, such as for SAT? I think working for a 175 LSAT is tough, but more controllable than hunting for a national award.

No, I am not. I am not smart enough to be Top 1% all the time. T-T Why the world is taking so serious on your undergraduate GPA. I screwed a math class and a business class once. I mean can’t we just let it go? My only wound is my GPA. I will totally slay LSAT. I mean, I will have two or three years to prepare for it. 175 on LSAT? absolutely!!.

It doesn’t matter if YOU don’t place value on your GPA. It’s what the admissions people think that matters.

One word: rankings. (Hint: the main two drivers for USNews is GPA & LSAT. That is why almost nothing else matters.)

@Wje9164be, our good friend’s son was waitlisted by HLS and got off the waitlist after he contacted them to say he was still interested if he had a chance to get off the waitlist. Finally, they admitted him and he had to give up some merit aid at Columbia, find someone to take over his apt lease (he had started one week of classes at Columbia already) and left for Boston.
Fast forward several years later, he now works at a big law firm in NYC and surrounded by Columbia grads as his colleagues. HLS isn’t worth giving up merit aid.

^^My son took the money from Northwestern a few years back and and he is now showing a his first year Associate from YLS the (NYC Big Law) ropes.

OP is on the wrong track. Even asking what ECs hints he/she is not involved now. Suggesting a gimmick isn’t even the sort of thinking. He/she seems kind of wide-eyed, doesn’t seem activated.

Maybe I’m wrong about that. But “dreams” aren’t what gets you there. Or through a top LS. If you’re so interested, talk to career folks at you college, look deeper at how top law schools admit.

Get activated now. Genuinely. Not to game it. And find other programs, as well.

@lookingforward I agree with you.

The OP should be doing what the OP loves, and excelling at it. (And that should include getting great grades and a top LSAT score.) Law school admissions will follow.

I graduated from HLS. I never planned to go there; I just was super-focused on grades and the LSAT, and admissions just happened due to that. OP, do the same.

so true@MaineLonghorn

Daughter is staying on HLS wait list for now but the cost of attendance difference between Duke and HLS is so big she may or may not accept an offer at HLS if she gets the call. As her parents we’d like to be able to say that she goes to Harvard but I’m not sure being able to say that is worth the $160K delta between Duke with a scholarship and HLS at list price. She did send in a letter of continued interest

Hank C, a very high percentage of undergraduates preparing for law school feel that they can score 175 on the LSAT or easily break 170. A 175 is at the 99.5 percentile or the top 1 score out of 200 folks taking the LSAT. About 100,000 applicants take the LSAT each year and many applicants take the LSAT more than once. There are between 200 and 300 applicants in total each year testing at this level. It is certainly possible that you might score this highly but it is not a slam dunk

^^if your D is interested in a unicorn job (law professor, feeder clerkship, ACLU, international human rights…), HLS might be worth the financial hit. Otherwise, only if the 'rents are wealthy. (It’s amazing how many full pay students attend the T6 bcos they can easily afford to.)

I chose HLS over other top-10 schools with merit aid. I’m glad that I did. The alumni network is huge since HLS is so much larger than many other law schools, and the Harvard-wide alumni network is massive and has helped even when I worked abroad. Plus coming from HLS there is no stress about getting a job of the type and in the location that you want.

A student coming from Duke or Columbia may well end up having the same career as someone from HLS but HLS placement rates are somewhat better than Duke so there is that small chance that going to Duke will result in different prospects. Duke and Columbia are both amazing schools though so none of them are bad choices though.