What's the biggest "inside joke" on your campus?

<p>OP: Your tour guides are correct, all of those names are for the grapes. Wines are named after the grapes used to make them. So, you can have a wine that says (45% Merlot, 55% Cabernet Sauvignon).</p>

<p>I have a friend who goes to Tulane, and told me about granny cart lady. There's a facebook group, but basically she's this really old lady who wanders around with one of those carts that grannies sometimes have. Her son apparently is a professor in the architecture department, but basically what she does is she'll walk into a class and mumble to herself, or to others. Apparently she's got a racist streak too, and instead of using the sidewalks, she just walks down the middle of the street. Kind of sad? Yep. Should people leave her alone? Probably.</p>

<p>But I'll admit that it's just too funny!</p>

<p>The duckpond run. That's about as much as I am allowed to say :)</p>

<p>BusinessGuy: It's more a joke than anything. We know the school means them as grapes, but we all tease the CSAs and tourguides about "How can we be expected to live substance-free if even the BUILDINGS are named after wine?"</p>

<p>To which they reply, "THEY'RE GRAPES!!!!"</p>


<p>oohhhhhhhh. that makes sense. When I read the OP, I immediately thought was BusinessGuy was thinking too.</p>

I have a friend who goes to Tulane, and told me about granny cart lady.


Oh yeah we apparently have a wandering hobo who lives here, I haven't seen him I just heard from the facebook group.</p>


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<p>I don't know if this is really an inside joke, but at my school we have this statue called "Willy the Silent". The original story behind the statue is that he silently watches over Voorhees Mall here at Rutgers. </p>

<p>But the students changed that story completely and states that when ever a virgin girl walks by, he makes a whistling noise. But when a non-virgin walks by -- he's silent. Considering this is Rutgers (or Slutgers) I'm sure he doesn't do a lot of whistling.</p>

<p>We have a bus that goes to MIT/Harvard, and it goes by several names..."**** truck", "cuddle shuttle", and "stab cab". Teehee.</p>

<p>Tourist come from all over the world to touch John Harvard's foot. The students just pee on it when they're drunk.</p>

<p>What girls say: The odds are good but the goods are odd.
What guys say: Girls are like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped.</p>

<p>^^Hahaha I want a shirt that has that first quote, but I have yet to see them be sold.</p>

<p>Although I have to disagree with the "what guys say" one. Being that some of us choose to be single, would that mean that we choose to be handicapped? But still, it's a clever quote.</p>


<p>don't know if we go to the same school or not but:</p>

<p>girls say- The odds are good but the goods are odd.
Guys say- CWRU: Case Women R Ugly</p>

<p>Hm, let's see...</p>

<p>We've got a building called the Wang Center with an enormous phallic tower on top, and a SAC (stands for student activities center, pronounced "sack") with two ballrooms.</p>

<p>The pizza's so good it's worth committing armed robbery for (the "gun" turned out to be an overzealous security guard's hallucination, but we only found that out after they put the whole campus on alert and locked some buildings down... the pizza really is awesome, though!)</p>

<p>But of course, the definition of an "inside joke" means that they're not that funny if you're not from that school :P</p>

Guys say- CWRU: Case Women R Ugly


<p>:( One of my good friends goes to Case, and she's damn sexy.</p>

<p>Pseudonym, our campus center is called the Wang, too! And we have a building called the Clapp and Munger (look it up on urban dictionary, it's horrible).</p>

<p>Stony Brook?</p>

<p>borum, i bet you go to haverford. one of my best friends told me about that =)</p>

<p>inside jokes at BC? last year a girl sent an email to every listserve she was ever on asking for an off campus apartment for her boyfriend. most people on campus got something like 300 per hour cause everyone hit reply all. it was rediculous. then theres all the slogans that state how infinetly better we are than both ND and BU, which is true =). living on newton is "freshman year abroad"</p>

<p>Duper: yup :)</p>

<p>Pseudonym we have a SAC too, student activities center, its the closest thing we have to a gym and it is nasty, sweaty, un-airconditioned, and sticky XD.</p>

<p>Yeah, we have a SAC too, but after like the first week, no one really laughs about it anymore.</p>

<p>I can't really think of anything here outside of the fact that it's automatically assumed by everyone that everyone else is poor (I'm not). Or Liberal (I'm not). Ummm there's a certain Chinese restaurant that everyone goes to when they're drunk. </p>

<p>Everyone laughs, because we're always told how diverse we are (one of the five or so most diverse schools in the U.S.). It's not that it's untrue, it's that it's something continuously repeated to us.</p>

<p>There's probably something I dont know/can't remember. I've only been here for just over a semester.</p>

<p>At BU, there's the jogger down Commonwealth and reported sightings on Facebook, and not a joke, but everyone at BU (and plenty elsewhere) know about the West Campus Burger. God, I miss that :/</p>