What's up with so many UF Honors rejections?

My son is also NMF, not a creative writer, 35 ACT and IB DP. I thought he was not going to get in honors because of him not being a creative writer, but he got in. I really don’t know what was the criteria.

Interesting about the NMF data:

The only 3 kids who were selected for UF Honors that I’m aware of in our town were all NMF.

I’m sure others were invited in but of the roughly 25-30 kids I know who were accepted to UF but not honors, that was the missing link.

As another data point: My daughter is NMF and was selected for honors. She said her essays were the worst she submitted by far.

This is interesting in the context of the proposed changes to Benacquisto and UF’s unwillingness to guarantee any merit support if something happens to it. At this point, I don’t think we’re willing to take the risk. The only reason she’d select UF over UNC, UVA or UGA honors would be the full ride.

What are the proposed changes to Benacquisto?

No more OOS
Amount to change from COA to TBD yearly based on FL budget.

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I know of NMF who didn’t get honors.

Yes, many NMF I’m sure did not get into honors.
I didn’t say that all NMF got into honors.
There are NMF kids in my town who did not even get accepted into UF.

My statement was that those I know locally who DID get into honors happen to be NMF.

Not exactly. The changes in the bill affect all Benacquisto scholars - both in state and OOS. In other words, the bill ends the program entirely after the freshman class entering Fall, 2021 (including for in state students).

Maybe, the way I see it it is only for OOS. Part A applies to ISS (which is not changing) and B is for OOS
I guess we will need the original bill to see is A is for ISS. Either way is bad that they are attempting to change it.
Anyone have a link to the original bill?

Yes, I read the original one. In-state students are covered in clause (a). There is still some confusion. Since clause (a) is not included here, does that mean there is no impact on the in-state students, not only the terms, but also the amount which will be kept at full COA?

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It is really confusing. It is not clear to me if the changes in the picture below are for OOS only or not.

I am assuming that it affects the funding part, but do not know for sure.

it is for both. that first paragraph is for in state students. the second paragraph is for oos students.

Thanks. Without looking at the original bill, I can’t tell where (5)(a) lands, but it makes sense, that the amount covered to be determined by the FL budget, applies to both since they are trying to save $.

Ah, I believe you are correct. I was confusing the fact that the bill discontinues full COA funding for both in state and OOS students with the discontinuation of the program altogether.

eta: Or it could be just sloppy bill writing? Who knows. I guess we will find out.

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How selective are UF’s merit scholarships for OOS and how many students usually get selected for them?

Looks like my S21 also shut out of any merit as he didn’t receive any emails today. Anyone know if not getting selected for honors affected the merit awards? Or are they two totally different selection processes?

Oh well! Congrats to all who got honors and/or merit!!

Separate. Last year my son did not apply to honors and received Presidential scholarship.

Recieved the maximum out of state “Gator Nation” scholarship but rejected from honors. How does that work

Different selection committees, therefore, different results.