What's up with so many UF Honors rejections?

I am no expert in college admissions, simply copied and pasted what’s on their website. That said, the whole application process, imho, is ‘somewhat’ embedded in subjectivity -numbers being the exception. As @itsgettingreal21 stated, too many qualified students for few spots. I suppose that’s what makes the essays the deciding factor. I don’t have a solution vis à vis the application process, unfortunately. In UF’s case, although the Honors students make the final decision, I believe essays are read by multiple people before they get to them…but, again, I am no expert, just a curious parent.

Would someone explain the appeal of a honors program/college? Specifically at UF.
Not trying to be rude or confrontational, I just don’t understand it myself and have trouble understanding why it is a deal breaker for some.

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Honor colleges usually have a dorm or ‘village’ to live in, a select group of classes to take, priority for registration (although it is after the athletes!), invitations to lectures and interactions with professors.

My nephew turned down UF honors because he didn’t need any of those things. He had 40 credits going in as a freshman from AP so was already registering before others in freshman class. He didn’t want to live in the honors dorms.

My daughter (different school) had a roommate who was in honors but chose to live in the ‘regular’ dorm. The only thing my daughter was jealous about was that there was an honors class about Disney and daughter couldn’t sign up for it.

My niece was in honors and liked it but almost lost her space because of a really hard math class she had to take. It was a lot of pressure.


  1. Opportunity
    In opportunity lies access, possibility, achievement. The future is molded by it; Honors students are driven by it. Opportunity allows Gators to discover and follow their paths and, through the UF Honors Program, affords deeper connections and personalized tracks to success.

  2. Community
    In a university of tens of thousands, the UF Honors Program provides a smaller, supportive community of high-achieving students, helpful advisors and top-notch faculty. This close network of creative scholars with diverse interests forms valuable, lifelong friendships and professional connections.

  3. Challenge
    Through challenge comes evolution. Whether by academic rigor, leadership, navigating personal growth or a foreign country, the UF Honors Program is a challenge – not a reward – for students who thrive on overcoming obstacles and constantly redefining success.

Same … my son is a National Merit Finalist with many other awards and accolades and did not get in to the UF Honors Program either -