whats YOUR #1 choice school?

<p>its between Dartmouth and Houghton</p>

<p>Applying to colleges in the fall and Georgetown SFS would be amazing.</p>

<p>yale... but harvard is so entirely enticing</p>

<p>^omg i second that...not the yale part but the "harvard is so entirely enticing" part</p>

<p>Stanford for now... it changes like no ones business...
UCB, UCLA, and Cornell aren't bad either...</p>

(I'll do everything for you God if you let me in Wharton). :)))</p>

<p>i'm not gonna lie..</p>

<p>1997-2000: CALTECH lol (no offense to anyone.. i'm just not a techy person)
2001-2004: no idea.. didn't care as long as it was an HYPS (HAHAHHA)
2005-2006: WashU (didn't know too much about it)
Jan 2007-NOW: CMC (and now i am actually going! what a dream come true)</p>

<p>Will chime in here, but I'm class of 09, so this might change after I line up a few visits over the summer.</p>

<p>Predictably, #1 has been MIT for a long time. It just seems to match my areas of interest and expertise so much. #2 goes to Stanford.</p>

<p>Stanford; if I don't get in EA (about two years from now), I will base my decision on what colleges I got accepted to</p>

<p>Currently it's Cincinnati. They have a great undergrad urban planning program.</p>

<p>Brown or Middlebury.</p>