When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances?

<p>Question: Under what conditions would a college take back an acceptance?This question is an oldie but goodie. “The Dean” has answered various versions of it many times before. Yet just as spring has sprung, so, too, have the worries of admitted students who succumbed to senioritis (and other questionable behaviors) after the ink was dry […]</p>

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<p>If a student fails a final exam, could that lead to a revoked acceptance, too?</p>

If a student fails a final exam, could that lead to a revoked acceptance, too?


<p>Probably not, but it would depend on the effect of that failure on the final grade in the class. For instance, if a student has been receiving A's and B's on all other tests and assignments throughout the term, then an F on the final might mean a C in the class overall ... and maybe even better, depending on how much the teacher will count the exam and how many previous good grades have been earned already in that term. But if the failed exam lowers the grade beyond that, then the college will probably be calling the counselor to ask questions. </p>

<p>Colleges may not necessarily see final exam grades. This really depends on the high school policy. Many schools put them on transcripts but practices vary. So if an "A" student ends up with a "C" on the final transcript, the college folks may not know if it's due to one lousy exam or to a drop in performance overall.</p>

<p>Students who fail an exam and who torpedo a final grade because of this should ask the teacher about a re-test. Even if the re-test won't officially count, a much higher result may satisfy admission officers who are sniffing around and asking questions about the downturn on the report card.</p>

<p>I started my course at Case Western Reserve University in Fall 2009 but was sent back home after being diagnosed with schizophrenia. They have agreed to take me back in Fall 2010 if I take antipsychotic medication. However, I don't want to take the meds. Does that mean my acceptance will be revoked?</p>

<p>tomaskurian89, I'm surprised they can do that. That's a little disturbing, actually. Were you sent home officially because of your diagnosis or because of an incident at school. </p>

<p>I'd imagine if you didn't take the meds your acceptance would be revoked, but you might be able to fight it using some kind of discrimination thing or something. I don't know. You should definitely look into your rights here.</p>

<p>thomaskurian89--Your situation is really a separate issue since this thread is about students who have not yet matriculated but who may be in danger of having their college acceptance revoked while still in high school.</p>

<p>As RachPlaysDrums suggests, you really need to consult a professional to know your rights. You might also want to start your own thread in the "College Life" section of CC to ask for advice from other students who have been in your situation. I'm sure it's not unique.</p>

<p>My best guess is that the Case officials want you to take medication so that you can meet appropriate academic performance and behavior standards. Yet due to doctor/patient confidentiality regulations, the University should have no way of knowing whether you are taking the specified medications, if you can meet these standards in another way. However, given the nature of schizophrenia, that may be impossible.</p>

<p>You also have to ask yourself if you will be able to function without meds in a high-pressure, independent-living environment so that you can meet your academic requirements and also remain safe.</p>

<p>What if a student were arrested for buying drugs in a foreign country?</p>

<p>Lol.. this thread has turned from a "where is the line in which lazy seniors will get rescinded" to the "college rescinding for unusual cases" thread.</p>

<p>Is it ok if I keep my all my grades up around B and fail one course? (AP Calculus AB, because my grade this semester only comes from 3 mock tests - no homework, no classwork to pull the grade up, unlike last semester. I'm having a C right now, and seriously it may drop to a D or even an F)</p>

<p>An F could put you in hot water, HomelessMelody. Ultimately the college probably won't revoke your acceptance, but you'll hear from them and there could be consequences (e.g., probation, summer school). I suggest that you be proactive NOW. Go to your teacher to see what you can do for extra-credit (etc.) to at least stay in the "C" range.</p>

What if a student were arrested for buying drugs in a foreign country?


<p>If it were MY kid, there would be such serious consequences at home that he would be doing online college from the living room, regardless of how admission offices treated him. I saw Midnight Express three decades ago and it made an indelible impression. </p>

<p>But the fate of other students apprehended abroad will rest in part on how -- or if--the college is informed of the infraction. If the student in question was on a school trip at the time, then the school policy may be to report the arrest to colleges. There's a good chance that the acceptance will then be revoked, although different colleges will have varying policies. However, if the high school is not involved and never learns of the situation, then the college may not learn of it either.</p>

<p>In general, infractions that show poor judgment and character are weighed more heavily in admission offices than smallish academic slip-ups. Note, however, that when an accepted student basically stops working and all grades plummet, this can be viewed as poor judgment or a character flaw, much as a disciplinary situation would be.</p>

<p>I am a senior and a US citizen living abroad attending a foreign school.My GPA last semester increased from the previous ones and this semester's grades should be very good as well.However in my country at the conclusion of the senior year we have to take these extremely difficult exams in 6 subjects (called panhellenic examinations) that determine if one is eligible to go to our local universities.I am not interested in the local universities but i have to take them anyway and they will show on my transcript and count for about 1/3 of my final GPA.I am studying very hard but the averages go very down on these exams.(e.x. my normal grade of 95 could go down to a 75).Will my college be aware of the difficulty of these particular examinations?Could i be rescinded?Should i send a note along with my final transcript?Thank you for the time.</p>

<p>hvairline--College admission officials should understand that your grades may be affected by Panhellenic exam scores, but it wouldn't hurt to send a note with your final transcript, if you do see a dip in your averages. Don't worry about your acceptances being rescinded and good luck on your tests.</p>

<p>i have a 3.3 right now and i intend to go to uc Davis (i got in with a 4.1 or so)
do you think i could get recinded? (thats like 1 c in a weighted class, and the rest Bs and As)</p>

<p>The UCs have specific conditions, that if you do not meet your admission might be rescinded. Davis should have that information somewhere, but for most UCs it is unweighted B average and nothing lower than C, so you are probably safe.</p>

<p>aah im just so anxious about this sort of thing!
I'm almost positive I'm going to BU next year but I'm having trouble with calculus and I'll probably get a C in the class. However, they accepted me having received a C- in precalc last year, and they saw my mid year grades this year which were in the B-B- range. I'm almost positive I'll end up with A's in all my other classes this year too. You don't think they'd rescind my acceptance right? I'm just so anxious and worried!</p>

<p>Yes, awesome post.
Let's say that a student fails 2 out of 5 APs that he/she was suppose to self-study. Would the college rescind?
Plus, in the case of UCs system - would the UC rescind if a student gets an F in her quarter grade? Or is it the semester grade that counts?</p>

<p>archi92- If you mean failing the 2 out of 5 AP tests, that shouldn't matter but if you mean failing 2 of 5 AP classes, that could be a problem and its usually the semester grade that counts, not the quarter grade because, at least at my school, the semester grade is the only thing that goes on the transcript so as long as you can pull out a B or a C for the semester you should be fine.</p>

<p>I wonder if there's a higher threshhold of "failing" for the more selective colleges? IE, for students who've been accepted to HYPSM with near-perfect GPAs, would a C be viewed in the same way that an F would be for other less selective schools?</p>

<p>Not that I plan to do this... but just curious :P</p>

<p>a girl at my boarding school was kicked out of boarding school for using illegal drugs and her acceptance from her prestigious university was taken away.</p>