When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances?

Hi Sally! I really just want to be freed from this stress. I’ve been worrying nonstop about whether or not my acceptance will be rescinded or if I will get a warning letter. I was accepted to Georgetown University Regular Decision and was accepted into their School of Foreign Service. I’m pretty sure, outside of my grades and extracurricular activities, that I was accepted for my absolute passion for politics. I have always been very strong at English, History, and the related subjects, but have always struggled with math and science. First semester of Senior year, I received an A in Mandarin, AP Spanish, AP Lit. and Comp, AP Research, and an elective. I received a B in AP Stats and a C+ in AP Biology. Georgetown accepted me despite my C+ And I think it’s mainly because students at the SFS don’t really work with science in the way most students usually would and they don’t typically tend to be very fond of it either. However, this semester I struggled AGAIN and got another C+ in AP Biology. I feel like I’m really pushing it as these were my first C’s in high school and it looks like I’m slacking. Freshman year, I received a B+ in Biology Honors so I’m actually not surprised at my results in AP Bio. Please help me. Will my acceptance get rescinded?

I forgot to mention I will probably be majoring in International a Relations so my major has nothing to do with Science either.

Also, my grades this semester are identical to last semester!

@pianolover032817 -You have nothing to worry about. ?

@Sally_Rubenstone Thank you so much for a speedy reply! I can relax now :).

Hey Sally! I was just wondering if I have any chances for being rescinded from Harvard. I had a 98 midyear grade, but it dropped to 80 on the final transcript. All the rest of my grades stayed in the 90+ range. Any chance for anything?

Hinagain Sally! It turns out my AP Spanish grade could end up being a B+ because of my school’s pretty harsh grading scale. Does that change anything for me?

*Hi again. Also, that B+ is along with my B in AP Stats as well.

@pianolover032817 -No, that won’t change anything.

@psychboy -That’s quite a tumble … from a 98 to an 80 … and it will most likely catch an admission official’s eye, but I doubt you’ll even get a warning letter if the rest of your grades are in the 90’s.

Hi sally! I reported an A on my UC application but realized that on my transcript it says ‘pass’ but I got the equivalent of an A in the class (it was an elective economics course) am I going to be rescinded? I emailed the school

I was accepted EA to a school that has not seen any grades from this academic year and will likely be ending with about a 76 in one of my AP classes. Is this an issue if the rest of my grades are all As/Bs?

@taloolab -You did exactly what you should have, and you have nothing to worry about.

thank you for easing my stress!

@MassHSGuy77 - You should be fine. Most colleges will turn a blind eye on a single senior C. especially when it’s in a tough AP class.

The only way that this MIGHT be an issue is if you will attend one of those hyper-selective places where most admitted students got straight A’s all through high school. If you, too, had straight A’s right up until this year, but now you have not only a C but also B’s in your more demanding academic classes, with your A’s in band, gym, yearbook, etc., then you could get a warning letter from your college asking about the downturn. But having your acceptance rescinded seems highly unlikely.

Thanks Sally. It was in an AP class if that makes any difference. It was just an online class and if you missed the deadline, then you couldn’t even make it up so it hit really hard 3rd quarter. I’m just worried since it dropped to a B, but most people say that Bs are fine.

@psychboy --You’ll be fine.

Hey Sally I’m sorta in the same boat as these other guys. What if I drop from a A+ to a 77? It was an online class unrelated to my major, and all my other classes are As. I got into Yale, so I hope this doesn’t warrant a recession?

@mikester12 - No, you won’t lose your spot over this.

Hey Sally,

Sorry about pestering you with questions like this, but my final grades for the semester came out, and it turns out my final tally for the semester is all As except a single C in CS, which is unfortunate because CS is my intended major at Duke. However, the reason for the C was because my CS instructor gave me a zero for a 30-minute-late online submission worth 10% of my grade because i didn’t have access to wifi.

What would be your suggested course of action, and how real is the chance that my admission to Duke gets rescinded?