When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances?

@bigsam–Keep in mind that I never have access to all of the information about an applicant that admission officials have. But, based on the small piece of the picture I’m seeing here, I think you should be fine.

Hi, I have been admitted to Purdue University CS. Honors program. I just have two weeks left in the school year. My AP Statistics Grade is 72%. C. We are doing a group project and my teammate has not done a good job. There is a high possibility that my score will go down to D. Will my admission be affected because of that? What can I do right now? I have 1 A, 3 Bs in other subjects. My GAP was 3.6 when I applied. Also this is an AP class. Please guide me. I am nervous.

@Tryklt - If you do get the D, you can write to Purdue to explain the situation, emphasizing that you did thoroughly complete your own part of the project.

My son was in your situation once in high school. He was doing a project singlehandedly after his teammates bailed. Since some of their work was essential to the project, he knew he couldn’t avoid a low grade. But he met with the teacher, and the teacher allowed him to do an individual project for extra credit. It had been my understanding that he would get BOTH grades … the C- that the team had earned for the lousy project plus the A that my son got on his individual one. Yet, when the dust settled, the teacher expunged the low grade and gave my son only the high one. I guess he realized that he’d stuck my kid with a bunch of slackers. :wink:

So, if there is enough time left in the semester, you can suggest some sort of extra-credit work to your teacher, too. If you can’t do that, write to Purdue. But emphasize the efforts that YOU put into the project rather than spending the whole message trashing your teammate!! You should be fine.

Hello! My daughter was accepted to UNC Greensboro with a 3.85 gpa. This semester she has had trouble with one online class through a NC state program. She thinks she will get a D. Her other grades this semester are two As and one weighted B. She is terrified her offer will get rescinded. What do you think will happen? Should she call the school and tell them? Thanks!

@lamkin-She should be proactive and explain her situation to her admission officer. You can read more specifics in many of my other comments on this thread. My best guess is that she will be fine.

Hey Sally!

I was accepted to Yale. This semester I will be receiving 2 A’s 4 B’s and 2 C’s. Last semester I had 6 A’s and 2 B’s. In addition, I had all A’s before senior year.
The only improvement I had this semester was that I had a B for AP Lit first semester, but this semester I got it up to an A. the 2 C’s are in multivariable calculus and this independent studying class I am taking (I forgot to turn in assignments because of family issues). Will I be rescinded?

Thank you!

@koalabear_ I don’t think you’ll be rescinded but I’m guessing that Yale will want to know what’s going on before making this determination. Since you say there were (or still are) issues at home, I suggest that you write to Yale NOW and explain the problems you faced. I don’t recommend that you wait to see if Yale will contact you. Good luck!

Thank you sooo much!!!

My son is going to Emmanuel College in Boston. He had a 3.6 average GPA till this semester. He has homeschooled. However this year, he took several classes at the community college. For this semester, he had several at home courses and one at the community college. It was Biology and he got a D. Do you think they might rescind his admission. Forgot to add, I don’t know the other grades, but I’d say around Bs.

@Catsandbooks44–I’m a little bit confused by your son’s situation. It sounds like he took SEVERAL community college classes over the past year and got a D in one of them (Biology) in the second semester but also a couple higher grades, which you THIINK were B’s, at community college in the first semester. Is this correct?

If your son did indeed get B’s in two or more community college classes in the fall and then one D in the spring, it shouldn’t affect his Emmanuel acceptance. BUT … he should write to Emmanuel to try to explain his low grade. He shouldn’t wait for Emmanuel to contact him to ask about it.

IF, however, you find out that your son’s other community college grades were lower than B’s, that could be a different story. If he struggled in community college classes, it might suggest to the Emmanuel admission officials that he isn’t adequately prepared for Emmanuel classes.

So I think your next step should be to determine exactly what grades he received at the community college (and in what classes) and then to ask your son to write to Emmanuel to explain what he thinks went wrong in the bio class.

As I explained above, if his community college classes turn out to be B’s except for the one D, he should be okay at Emmanuel.

Once you find out what the other community college classes were and what grades your son received in them, feel free to write back with this additional information … either here or via Private Message.

I recently got off the waitlist at Syracuse and could not be more excited. I am waiting for my financial aid package before making my final decision. I have always struggled with math I ended with a B- freshman year, C sophomore year, and a B- junior year. It has always been by far my worst class and the only C I have ever received in high school. In Pre-Calc this year I ended the first semester barely getting a B- however, I have struggled a LOT second semester and I think I will end the year with a C/C- I know this especially since I just took the final which I do not think went well at all. I plan on majoring in Communications/English the FARTHEST thing from math possible. I am just worried that my offer might be rescinded because of this one C. I take all honors and AP classes except math and I anticipate receiving B+ and A’s in all of those classes. I would just like a bit of insight and possible reassurance.

@gsbc12 -I can reassure you here. Your C (or even C-) in math won’t affect your acceptance. ?

Good luck as you make your final decision.

is there like a certain number or rate of students who get rescinded every year?

@19scohen -The percentage of students across the country whose acceptances are rescinded is very small, although I can’t quote a figure, and this number surely varies from year to year. What I CAN tell you, however, is that colleges really DON’T want to say “Never mind” to admitted applicants, which is why I repeatedly urge students on this thread to be proactive about contacting admission offices if they suspect that an acceptance might be in jeopardy. When the admission folks see that a student cares about grades (or disciplinary issues), they are much more likely to be forgiving than if the student appears to be oblivious to poor grades or bad behavior.

I attend Dual Enrollment courses through my high school and am currently enrolled to attend University of Pennsylvania in their School of Nursing. Earlier this semester, in February, I withdrew from a community college math course due to large amounts of struggle despite my attempt to keep up and learn the topics outside of class. As a Nursing major, this class was not required for the major nor was it necessary to graduate as I had already satisfied my Graduation requirements. It was also the second math course I had enrolled in that year. It didn’t drop my GPA but was entered into PowerSchool for each quarter despite being a semester class.If you can’t determine it from my post, I’m worried as I didn’t expect to get into this university in the first place! Thank you for your assistance.

I committed to Cal Poly Slo as a freshman architecture major, however I received D’s in AP Art in both semesters of senior year. Both times it was due to my teacher not updating my grades before the transcript deadline (I would’ve had a passing grade if she had). I’ve taken 2 other art classes previously (in my sophomore and junior years of hs, they were prerequisites to AP Art) and gotten A’s both years. I know SLO says you can’t get D’s but also that they review it on a case by case basis. How likely is it that I won’t get rescinded?
I also wanted to know if they would consider putting me on academic probation for my first quarter rather than rescinding me - is that something that CSU’s can do/have done?
I’m grateful for any advice you can give me. Thanks!

@rsp1121 -You’ve stumped me here. I really can’t predict how the Cal Poly admission officials will react to this situation. The fact that you got D’s for TWO semesters in AP Art and also that your major is architecture will definitely work against you. (Had it been just one semester or if the subject had been something like AP chem or calc, you’d probably be off the hook.) Your explanation about the teacher not updating your grades is worth sharing with Cal Poly but I think it’s going to sound pretty lame since we’re talking about more than one semester, and this also suggests that, even if the grades had been posted in time, it still seems as if you’d have barely squeaked by.
You need to write to your admission rep before s/he contacts you and try to explain where you went astray in AP Art. If all of your other senior grades were strong, be sure to emphasize this. I agree that it’s worthwhile to suggest that you start the fall term on academic probation. And certainly if there were any problems in or out of school that affected your grades, you can mention those as well, as long as they sound reasonably serious.

Please let us know what happens because it’s helpful to future seniors to learn how previous seniors fared in situations like this one. Good luck!

I was accepted and I committed to a school. I was looking through my common app and I realized that I put that I participated in an activity during my sophomore year. During my sophomore year our advisor of the club got moved to another school then she came back my junior year and the club continued. I accidentally put that I participated in the club sophomore year. Will this affect me? I have been in the club since freshman year but sophomore year was the only year that our advisor couldn’t run the club.

@Rosa317 -This isn’t a problem at all so don’t worry for another second.

Hello Sally!
I’m an international student in an American school, and I graduate with the American, my country’s diploma and IB Diploma.
I was accepted at UC Berkeley for the fall. In my UC application I was confused with how to list the diplomas and one of my conselours ended up suggesting to list “IB Diploma” in which diploma I get. (High school diploma box). They told me that the university would know I will be getting all three diplomas since they have the school profile and that universities check the profile when admitting students.
I have graduated with mostly As and two Bs in the second semester of my senior year, s I would be ok in the conditions. I also did not submit any predicted scores. However, I was sick and stressed and anxious during my IB exams and ended up having a horrible performance and will most likely get less than a 30 in my IB Diploma (I do believe it is very unlikely that I would NOT get the diploma). Would getting a low IB score be an issue (a 3 in a course or simply below 30)? Would a low IB score lead to a rescinded admissions given that my school transcript is good and I do receive the diploma? I am attaching my conditions here:

I understand that I must complete all senior-year courses listed on my application with a minimum unweighted 3.0 GPA for each term, and earn no grade lower than a C for any individual courses.
I will graduate from high school/secondary school.
I will submit all required official documents in a timely manner for admissions verification (review documentation requirements below).
I will notify Undergraduate Admissions via the Undergraduate Admission Update form available on MAP@Berkeley if:
I do not meet the 3.0 GPA condition for any term of my senior year.
I receive a grade lower than a C in any course
I have made/will make changes to my senior year class schedule.
I am having difficulty sending a final transcript from my school
I have not earned/will not earn a passing score on the TOEFL/IELTS exam


ALL final, official documents must be received or postmarked by July 1, 2019. Request electronic delivery, if available, and follow sending instructions on our Transcripts page.
Final, official proof of high school/secondary completion must include date of graduation/completion. (Request this transcript before the end of your senior year).
Students completing secondary school in another country will be required to submit the final results of their exit exams and/or completion certificate. (Review a by-country list to ensure that you are submitting all required documents by the deadline).
Send us ALL official test scores:
SAT Reasoning or the ACT plus Writing (required)
An official TOEFL or IELTS exam result
SAT Subject Test (if applicable)
Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) examination results
You are responsible for monitoring your CalCentral task list and email accounts for status changes, admissions updates,and notifications; and working with your sending institutions and campus to resolve any delivery problems.


Your admission to Berkeley may be immediately revoked or modified if we determine:
You did not satisfy all of the above conditions
You did not respond to our communications regarding missing documents and updates.
Any information you have submitted on your application for admission was not verified by received official documentation.
You completed any college/university coursework after high school graduation (except for summer session coursework immediately following high school graduation).