When Should I expect my Decision?

I applied to VCU right before the dec 1st scholarship deadline, so i’m assuming there was a massive influx of applications around that time. When should I expect my letter to come in the mail? Also, should I expect any kind of scholarship from them? My scores are 3.9469 Gpa 4 ap classes 3 advanced. Senior year ads another 2 ap’s and 3 adv., 1720 SAT. 560 cr, 570 m, 590 w ( I know its low compared to my gpa, but I couldn’t find time to sit down and study properly). I also live in state and have great recs.


It usually doesn’t matter when you submit before the deadline, the decision will come out relatively around the same time. As for letters, it depends on how far you are from VCU. Try checking online when letters are sent out; I believe the shortest time for getting a letter is 1 day after sending and the longest is probably a week (considering weekends aren’t business days).

@DaedricSaiyan VCU has rolling admission, does that make a difference?

My Daughter applied in early October and heard back around December 22nd (so over two months). With rolling admission I believe there are a lot of factors that determine how long it takes to get the decision back. From what I’ve seen it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 + months. As for scholarship, I believe you have a shot at something…