When will the highlight of your life be?

<p>Hopefully when I can add that MD to the end of my name.. but you know everytime you think you're at the top, you will probably have another moment that is higher.</p>

<p>The party right before the 2012 apocalypse where i hook up with mithopeful16,fitnessmodel and other attractive cc guys :)</p>

<p>lol, have a good one guys! peace,</p>

<p>Definitely when I:</p>

<p>-Graduate from college
-get my first job
-Get married (can't wait for this; I already have an idea what my wedding might be like and it WILL be amazing :) )
-Have a kid...?</p>

<p>When I'm not expecting it. :)</p>

<li>Getting the fat envelope and having somebody to celebrate it with</li>
<li>Four amazing years in college</li>
<li>Living in NYC, writing away</li>
<li>Travelling the world with an amazing other half</li>