Where everyone is going from my HS

<p>@ OP: Do you go to Staples High?</p>

<p>Ditto Cooper Union. Like Olin or Harvey Mudd, most HS kids have no real knowledge of the quality of many schools. All 3 should be between Categories 2 & 3 of the first posting.</p>


And is Berkelee = UC Berkeley? Why is it with "the rest" -_- if your categories are according to US News?


uh, Berklee is a music school in Boston... Guess you learn something every day</p>

<p>No I meant Berklee- it was a typo</p>

<p>I did not mean this to be a rankings thread- I was just grouping randomly based on "perceived" quality of a school. I know cooper union is a great school- it's just it only specializes in 3 subjects. I could have put plenty of other schools in the top 2 categories</p>

<p>Also I was not bragging by putting white rich suburb etc- I was showing the schools demographic to be compared to where kids were going to school</p>

<p>I just posted this to see if anyone saw anything about a high school or certain college etc-</p>

<p>Brown 1
Cornell 2
Harvard 1
Duke 1
Chicago 1
Tufts 2
Brandeis 1
Vassar 1</p>

<p>class of approx. 300</p>

<p>class of 150. our school is usually pretty weak, but this year was one of the strongest in the school's history</p>

<p>notable acceptances (not matriculations):</p>

<p>1 Harvard
2 Brown
1 Chicago
3 Cornell
1 Notre Dame
3 Northwestern
1 Tufts
1 Swarthmore
1 Amhert
5 Michigan</p>

<p>i fourth theoneo</p>

<p>this is not a good way to spend time, kids.</p>

<p>1 Harvard (accepted at duke, wustl, cornell...)
1 Rice (accepted at columbia, duke, olin, cornell...)</p>

<p>3 to RIT
1 to UMich</p>

<p>3 to Case western reserve U
2 to Kenyon</p>

<p>Everyone else: Ohio State, Ohio U, Kent State, UAkron, UToledo, UCincinatti, Miami U</p>

<p>OP, could please answer theoneo's questions. I'm really curious too</p>

<p>1 to Dartmouth
1 to Swarthmore</p>

<p>10 to West Chester
25 to Indiana University of Penn
50 to Delaware County Community College
3 to Penn State
3 to Temple</p>

<p>Out of a class of 350</p>

<p>Class of a little over 200 - Val and Sal this year are both recruited athletes, but going to smaller, less prestigious schools for the full ride. A LOT of seniors this year are turning down offers from good private schools and LAC's in favor of the stronger SUNY schools (Geneseo, Binghamton, Buffalo), because of cost and the allure of starting with soph standing due to AP credit. Many are staying closer to home as well (University of Rochester, RIT), or starting out at the CC's. A couple are going to good LACs (Hamilton, Smith, Skidmore, Allegheny), but a LOT fewer than in previous years...only one Ivy (recruited athlete to Harvard)</p>

<p>shoot me jesus- im sorry i made this thread- i did it to show where kids are going to school- maybe interesting trends where people wanted to go</p>

<p>WHY DO YOU CARE?!!?</p>

<p>okay im sorry i put "including wharton" jesus why does that matter- this was not a thread for bragging or ranking!!!!! it was to show what schools are attended by public school kids in my town</p>

<p>I attend a small catholic high school in Pa about an hour and a half northwest of Philly.
1 to Carnegie Mellon
1 to NYU
1 to RPI
2 to Lehigh
1 to Notre Dame
1 to Boston College
15 to Penn State </p>

<p>Out of a class size of 150.</p>

<p>Jesus, EliCash, how'd you know this was for Staples HS? Mistah B and Suzie Wren fah life, mah brothah.</p>

<p>This just in: rich kids get into prestigious schools, condescend about their classmates' schools.</p>

<p>More at 11.</p>

<p>6 dartmouth, 6 yale, 6 stanford, 6 some other extremely prestigious school I forgot which</p>

<p>2 upenn (1 wharton, 1 engineering)</p>

<p>1 princeton, 1 harvard, 2 weslayan, 8 rice, 1 tufts, 2 carnegie mellon, 2 colombia, 2 georgetown, 3 MIT, 2 cornell, 2 duke, 1 georgetown, some more pretty good schools I forgot the names</p>

<p>class size: 138.</p>

<p>A lot of rich kids also don't get in anywhere prestigious though.</p>

<p>also, 2 plan 2 university of texas</p>

<p>^^ that is amazing!</p>

<p>By the way, great thread.</p>