Which Ivy League has the most attractive student body?

<p>Penn has ultra hot robot chicks</p>



<p>This seems to me to be a very silly thread but I do want to correct the above statement. </p>

<p>For years, Princeton's classes have averaged between a low of about 12% legacies to a high of about 15%. In the last ten years, Yale's classes have ranged from about 13% to 16%. Harvard is in the same range as well. In fact, most of the Ivies are around 15%. Princeton has tended to be toward the lower end of the Ivies in terms of the percentage of each class that consists of legacies.</p>

<p>If your premise is that there is a markedly different level of physical attractiveness at one Ivy compared to another, then hypothesize for me the process, whether a product of intentional social engineering or random evolution, that produced such an outcome. :)</p>

<p>There was a theory I hear in the seventies that the women at one of my alma maters were actually men worked their cajones off to get in.</p>