Which state schools do not charge an OOS rate? And will also give merit?

Western Illinois U

Low COA and merit. OOS is same as IS



Grad students also enjoy low rates for IS and OOS!


For example, I saw this popular grad school major and the total tuition cost for the MS would be about $11,000…amazing deal. Don’t know if it’s available online, but if so…

University of New Mexico follow-up:

Daughter is receiving the in-state tuition rate at the university of New Mexico but also just received notice about an extra $2,500 for freshman year. We called to ask if it was financial aid, but it was not–it was merit on top of the in state rate. Said it was intended to off-set housing costs for freshman year because they are required to live on campus.

We are beyond happy. So the tuition is less than $8,000/yr AND an extra $2,500. We don’t see anything on the university’s website about it, but daughter saw a post on Facebook from another kid about getting the same extra award.

There’s this: http://admissions.unm.edu/costs-financial-aid/index.html Daughter has 23 ACT if that matters.


Valdosta State offers in state for states that border Georgia.
$8000/semester includes room and board.

Oregon State University DOES charge OOS tuition, but also offers pretty good scholarships based upon GPA to help off-set. I think my son was offered $10K (we didn’t select this school), which was nice since they do not participate in WUE.


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Alcorn State
Mississippi Valley State
Jackson State
Albany State
Savannah State
Fort Valley State


Langston University, the only HBCU in Oklahoma, waives out-of-state fees at a 3.0 gpa. You can stack band/athletic scholarships with it. You can attend for less than 15,000 in a shared room (COVID permitting) or 17149 for tuition, fees, room and board, and books in a private room in the apartment-style suite.

We also have full-rides available (minimum to apply) at a 3.5 gpa and a 22 ACT.


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Montclair State will wave OOS tuition for 3.0 and higher. Unfortunately you cannot stack the President Scholarship on top of that. (5K)