White Cabinets

Paint colors/names change all the time but a couple navy colors I have used

Naval - Sherwin Williams
Newburyport Blue - Benjamin Moore
Hale Blue - Benjamin Moore

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I’ve had Cambria on kitchen and bath counters for 3 years. They look as nice as the day they were done. No staining or chipping.


I love and have used Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy.

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I’ve used Benjamin Moore Admiral Blue in a former house and it’s a lovely deep navy blue.

Sounds beautiful! Blue is my favorite color so I’ve used a good many variations along the way.
I have a room in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy - pretty shade of blue and very dark.
My favorite blue paint is what I used in my latest kitchen and living room. I have white cabinets in the kitchen and the walls are Benjamin Moore Adriatic Sea. It can only be mixed in their Aura line of paint and has incredible depth of color. It’s a bit brighter than traditional navy but nowhere close to royal or cobalt blue. It’s a very striking shade of blue. Look for it at the paint store though - most the pictures I see on the computer aren’t even close to what it looks like in real life.

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I too like my white cabinets because you can see the dirt so you wipe them down right away before it’s impossible. And it makes my kitchen brighter as well. I have dark soapstone and butcher block for countertops, so it’s not an all white kitchen by any means.


Whatever you do, make sure the paint color you select is available in special cabinet grade paint. If you use a regular house trim paint, even with a top of the line primer, it will peel.

We recently went from dark wood cabinets and cream colored island, to dove white cabinets and navy blue island. We love how it turned out! It took a few tries to get the right shade of blue since we wanted a dark, dark navy. Newburyport Blue and Hale Navy (which I thought would be perfect) were both too light for us. Benjamin Moore Polo Blue ended up being perfect.


Yes, BunsenBurner. Cabinet maker just wants the name/number of the paint. It’s my understanding they use a professional paint formula that’s designed for cabinets and color-matched.

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flyawayx2, can you elaborate as to why you wanted a dark, dark color? I’m struggling with that choice.

We saw a photo online of a kitchen we loved and it just stuck with us. We liked that the island would look blue in daylight but almost black at night time. We have dark wood floors and kept our existing granite counters and backsplash, which have all different shades/flacks of tans and deep browns. Hale Navy looked like it would be the perfect accent color for the island, but it turned out much lighter than the swatch once put on one of our cabinet doors, like a blueberry. Polo Blue was also lighter once applied, buy it looked like the Hale Navy paint swatch, so it was perfect.

Light in a room matters so much. Before passing on a color to your painter/contractor, I’d buy a sample that you can apply on a piece of wood, cardboard, whatever and put it in different parts of your kitchen at different times of day - if it’s for lower cabinets lay the painted piece on the floor at different times of day.