Whitman College Class of 2025 RD

Hi there,
Nice to see in a recent email that the RD acceptance date has moved up to early March. If my DS gets in, we can add it to the Pacific NW schools road trip we’re taking over spring break. :grinning:

Good luck to your DS! My son was accepted ED1 and we are all very excited. Did not get to visit because of covid, but from our research it seems to be a perfect fit for him.


Good to hear. Our daughter applied RD, mostly because she wasn’t 100% positive she wants the Whitman experience or UW-Seattle, our local in-state. Obviously completely different experiences. She has lots of HS friends at UW and wants to do marching band and we have lots of family in Seattle so there’s that pull. We visited Whitman in mid-November and they were doing guided tours but only of the outside, no entering buildings. It went way up in D21s list after that. She also applied to UPS and Lewis & Clark and has gotten into both EA but I think Whitman would be her first choice if she decides not to do UW.

Hopefully we can do late spring visits of her top schools with full campuses in operation before she has to decide. You can only learn so much from self-touring a closed campus.

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That seems sooo far away! My son also applied RD but had his app in by November 1st with all of his EA apps. We also hope to visit over spring break and I think Whitman would be the perfect fit for my son. He also got into UPS, Pacific, WWU, Willamette, and Lewis & Clark, but I’ve never heard a negative thing about Whitman and it truly seems to be a very special place. My son is most interested in continuing his Japanese and studying abroad in Japan. He’s also into rock climbing and I know they have a robust Outdoor Program and a climbing club, team, and climbing gym on campus! We are in CA (Los Angeles).

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We went out to visit in November and it went WAY up in my daughter’s estimation, even though we were only able to do a guided tour of campus from outside and didn’t enter any buildings. She’s been looking at the virtual tours of the interiors now.

I’m 5th generation Oregonian, now living in WA and have been working in education in the Pacific Northwest for a long time. I have never encountered anything negative about Whitman, ever. And the alums you encounter around here are among the most loyal, bright, and well spoken of any you ever encounter. That’s not to diss other schools. But Whitman seems to inspire an extra degree of devotion and loyalty.

Not sure it will end up being my daughter’s first choice. She is more of an urban child and still skeptical of the isolated location. But if she gets accepted and they offer a competitive merit aid package it will likely be MY first choice!


any news on when ED2 might be released ?

An AO said by Feb 15th

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Best of luck to your kiddos!

does anyone know when rd decisions will be released this year? on last year’s thread it was late feb, so i’m wondering if it may be soon-ish

I hope it’s late Feb, but I’m mentally preparing for mid-March in hopes of lowering anxiety! :grinning: :grinning:

yes apparently 25th Feb 3 pm PST

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And now the nerves kick in!!!

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Good luck to all!


My daughter just got her regular decision acceptance email so they are going out today. Merit aid is less than we might have hoped so decisions decisions…


Waitlisted. Which is fine. He didn’t click with the student interviewer so it had fallen to the middle of the pack for him. Congrats to your daughter, Camasite!

Intl student with low parental EFC - Rejected.

Very expected and not very fussed.

Congratulations to everyone who was accepted!

Alby20, I’m sure good news from the right school is in your future!! Best of luck! :slight_smile:


My daughter’s acceptance showed up on her portal today. She also was awarded an academic achievement scholarship.


Accepted. Merit Aid: Garrett-Sherwood Scholarship
In-state applicant
Spent my childhood living abroad and moving a lot.
3.9 UW GPA
Test Optional
Lots of EC’s (filmmaking, rock climbing, entrepreneurship, volunteering in community)
2 Teacher Recs
1 Coach Rec
Happy with my Essay

Congratulations to those accepted!


My son got in!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Merit aid is super disappointing though at only $14k, which is what our financial pre-read said. It makes it the most expensive school so far out of the 6 he’s been accepted to. We still plan to visit over spring break next month and will appeal if it becomes his first choice.

Congrats to everyone.