Who here has not gotten COVID? Who has long COVID?

Yes please let us know how you are. !@#$%^ covid!! You are in my thoughts.

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@oldmom4896 so sorry you are battling this. Hugs!

Oldmom, I am so sorry to hear this. It is scary to live through, and the steroids are no fun. Will be thinking of you.

@oldmom4896 so sorry you are struggling with this. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Feel better!

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Oh no @oldmom4896. How are you feeling today? So sorry for these long lasting health problems.

Really thinking of you today! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hope you are feeling better today oldmom.

@oldmom4896 Sending you prayers of healing. I hope you’re released soon and on your way to feeling well.

Just sending more positive thoughts for oldmom4896 and others dealing with long COVID.


Interesting article today saying that experiencing symptoms after getting a vaccine leads to better protection. I’d suspected this but nice to have science on my side. (Alas, I’ve had zero reaction to any of the boosters.)


Oh, I should be well protected, then! I have gotten a rash with every dose & I got sick (fever, chills and headache for 12 hours) with the last two doses. And I had Covid prior to the last two doses (or last dose - I’m old & can’t recall the dates!).



I had the worst symptoms (pain in femurs, chills, headache, basically incapacitated for 20 hours) on my 2nd of 5 vaccines (other 4 left me a bit headachy for a day or so). I assume my vaccines helped me stay covid free until a couple of weeks ago when DH brought it home (I had a number of known exposures over the last 3 years). When I woke up in the night with aching femurs, headache, chills, same as my vaccine side effects, I knew I was infected.

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Is that true for all ages though? In my experience the middle-aged got slammed and older adults and the teens I know had few symptoms. That made sense to me - older adults don’t mount as good an immune response and therefore have fewer symptoms; and teen mount such a good fast one they don’t have symptoms either. The very few 20/30 year olds I know fell somewhere in between. I will say I reacted to 3/4 of my shots, though not to the extent of what others are describing and had a very mild case of COVID (headache and chills for about 12 hours and then a mild cold with mild but lingering cough) in between shots 3 & 4. My D on the other hand had a worse case than I had also between her 3rd & 4th shots (and about 4 months before I had it) so maybe there is something to it after all. She had no rxn to any of her shots.

@oldmom4896 I’m thinking of you and hope the docs can get you some relief soon. Please let us know (or have your D) update us when possible --we care and worry about you!


In my family of four we are all vaxxed and double boosted. We masked and kept to ourselves for the first 18 months of the pandemic. DD attends boarding school where they had virtually no outbreak until January 2022. They had been cautious with testing and masking at all returns to campus before removing the mask requirement. Probably 90% of the school got it in early January but not DD, who did get about 10 colds, the flu and strep, but not Covid even after multiple close contacts. However, she did get it after attending a ballet summer intensive in 2022, but not until the end when parents came from all over and watched the showcase unmasked. She got it at the start of our extended family vacation. We rode 12 hours in the car with her, I drank after her the first day she had symptoms. We quarantined her and none of the other 12 people caught it. We go to restaurants, and work and shopping and school and no longer mask. We test at every sniffle. Knock on wood the rest of us have not had it that we know of. But now that I said that put loud I will probably get it :joy:
I had very strong reactions to all shots. Body aches, fever, for about 24 hours. My son and husband had no reactions. DD had mild reaction.

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I am beginning to think that those who are vaxxed and up to date on boosters, when they do get covid, are not as contageous, as lets say someone who is not vaccinated. A friend of mine got it, but none of her family members did. someone else I know recently got it, was pretty mild, and only tested because they were visiting someone who has cancer. No one else they were around got it. just conjecture on my part.

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We’re all vaxxed and boosted, but we ended up getting COVID last fall. The only reason we knew it was because I’m in my last year of college for a second degree and testing was mandatory. I’ve had worse colds. If testing hadn’t been mandatory, I would never have known it was anything other than the common cold. Everyone in my house ended up testing positive though.

I was one of the never-had-covid people until last week. Fully vaxxed and boosted, and I’m still feeling like crap. Seems to be no rhyme or reason to how hard it hits. Others in family are still testing negative. Hopefully I will have a chance to start feeling better before I might have to switch roles to being the caregiver.

I’ll add that to my personal protocol, then. :wink:

Don’t forget to add riding in a sealed air conditioned car for 12 hours too.