Who is applying EA, ED 2012-???

<p>DS got a letter from Financial Aid today and the letter asking if he wanted to switch from EA to ED last week. Maybe they send it to everyone, but let's go with "They love our sons!"</p>

<p>Absolutely pacmom!!!! That is a good way to look at it. Did your S switch to ED?</p>

<p>Oooh, those letters sound exciting! I applied Early Decison so I haven't got anything from CC. Should I just assume that because I haven't got any emails from either admissions or FA that everything is set? I guess I'm just a bit nervous (and by nervous I mean overly enthusiastic about CC) that I haven't heard anything since I sent in my application and they confirmed that they received the common app (although all of my checkboxes are checked on basecamp and I submitted all of the FA stuff).</p>

<p>No news is good news, right? </p>

<p>Oh man, I CAN'T WAIT until December 15th! I'm so nervous and so excited! I just want some sort of clue!</p>

<p>pacnwmomof2 - I dont' think they sent those emails to everyone. My D applied EA and hasn't heard anything. I think you should see the requests to switch to ED as a good sign! What would be the point of asking the student to switch to ED and then rejecting them? I believe it's all good!</p>

<p>5boys - Can't wait to hear what happens! Like I said to pacnwmomof2, it seems like a very positive sign that CC wanted your son to switch to ED. Hopefully all of our kids end up at CC next year!</p>

<p>Wonder if UVM deferral and CC push for ED has anything to do with FA?</p>

<p>Nervedoc... what do you mean " has anything to do with FA"? Do you mean because we need it? I get that maybe the deferral has something to do with it, but why ED push?</p>

<p>5boys- My S stayed with EA. He really likes the Block Plan and everything he's learned about CC, but he hasn't been able to visit yet. Too big a commitment sight unseen! Plus he's weighing some good merit money offers at a couple of other schools. We don't know that he'll qualify for much at CC (if he gets in!) and that, unfortunately, plays a role in the decision!</p>

<p>The advent calendar is counting down more than just the days until Christmas. 12/22 can't come soon enough!</p>

<p>Just sending positive thoughts to all those applicants and parents eagerly awaiting mid month. S1 is a sophmore at CC and LOVES it. Applied EA and never received an ED switch letter so my thoughts are "a big positive sign" for those who received it and a "dont worry" if you did not.
To relieve a little anxiety if possible, and while I realize all FA situations are different...we were THRILLED with our aid from CC. Far and above other schools (including the double legacy school I made him apply to). Also be aware that CC allows you do use outside scholarships to offset EFC so apply for everything! And, their 4 yr committment plan is awesome.
Wishing you all the best, sounds like the kind of students my son would love to meet!
(If you visit now, he'll be the one on crutches after mssing the backflip off the slackline)</p>

<p>LOL skier... my S is walking around with a big scrap on his face as he and a rock kissed on a recent rock climbing excursion.. my S LOVES slacklining too. SO, I guess you read that I now have an ED appliant... AHHH!! Can't really believe it, and wish this next 10 days to go FAST!! The FA office called AGAIN today to ask us a question.... I'm thinking they wouldn't be going to all this trouble if he wasn't on their list to admit would they???... but who knows... I have heard that CC's aid is great.. so I am SO hoping it is all going to work out in the end.. I was shocked my S converted his app, but I know how much he wants to go to CC. I am sending you positive thoughts for your S's ED app too!!!!!! If my S is admitted I'm sure I will be bombarding you with questions..LOL!! But in a good way..</p>

<p>Look for the Fed Ex truck!!!</p>

<p>So we now have to be on the look out for a FED EX truck??? AHH!! What happens of your not home I wonder?? Do they send it Fed Ex to just the ED applicants or everyone? The next 2 weeks are going to be SO stressful...</p>

<p>I hear you, 5boys! These next two (hopefully not 3!) weeks are going to be soooooo painfully slow.</p>

<p>I'm really hoping that we'll all have an early Christmas gift on the 15th in our emails! </p>

<p>Assuming that CC sends their Early Decisions the same way that they sent their transfer decisions, I would guess that they send the acceptance packets VIA FedEx and the rejection letters VIA regular mail. So hopefully the FedEx truck will be making a stop at our houses with an early gift!</p>

<p>I applied EA and was wondering: on 12/22 will I receive an email with the decision, and then a package or letter in the following days? I ask because I am going to be out of town for the holidays and do not want to have to wait until I return home to find out the decision.</p>

<p>I don't know what the situation will be for ED/EA acceptances, but for the their winter transfer students (and I believe the number accepted for this round was somewhere between 6-12 and our situation is kind of rushed considering we start next month) they Fed Exed the acceptances and snail mailed the rejections. </p>

<p>Again, it may be a TOTALLY different game for you guys... but regardless be warned: I received no email, no letter, no call, no nothing on the "decision released" day. I was a shaking mess. Eventually I called the office and was told that they were overnighting the first round of acceptance packages that evening, a few more the next, and the last bit on Monday following the weekend (meaning some acceptances may have had to wait over FIVE days after the decision released day for their "Yes!"). </p>

<p>In terms of being at your house when/if the happy package holding man shows, I don't believe its necessary. I didn't have to sign anything--so he could have surely left it on the doorstep if I hadn't pounced on him like the tiger I (officially!!!!) am. (Ignore my cheesiness. I'm still way too in shock and excited for my own good.)</p>

<p>So, I'm not sure about the email thing for you guys. I know past CC transfer applicants DID receive acceptance emails, but they didn't do it for my pool last week. You never know though! ED/EAs may be getting them. I would simply call the office--they're typically happy to give some hints of clarity ;) </p>

<p>Good luck! Crossing my fingers for all of you. Best advice, just chill out. Your answer will come eventually--even if it's a few days later than what you expected!</p>

<p>I went back over the past couple of years Colorado College of EA/ED threads and --surprise-- CC did contact to ask if EA wanted to go ED, at least last year. The thought then was they did so to manage yield. I do recall that one year there were way too many acceptances (EA) who sought admission so there were dorm problems. Converting EA to ED allows them to send out fewer EA acceptances.</p>

<p>On the email contact issue, I do not recall any non-international student saying that they were notified that way. Also, I recall that the EA acceptances arrives in waves with arrivals starting after the 3rd week in December.</p>

<p>Thanks for the heads up, cogitocoffee. I was hoping that they would send an email/update the CCbasecamp page on the decision day. I've been counting down to the 15th for my ED1 decision, but maybe I should start counting down to the 22nd just in case. I'm trying to chill out, but I'm so excited it's difficult to wait! I might have to call admissions just to see what to expect and when it should come, but I don't want to bother them.</p>

<p>07DAD, that's interesting that they also did the EA -> ED option in the past. I applied straight Early Decision from the get-go, so hopefully that will help my chances.</p>

<p>Do you know if the ED acceptances start to come in before the EA ones do? The CC website has some conflicting information on it; in one section it says "mid December" but in another it says December 22nd, whereas the College Board website says December 15th. I looked back at last year's thread and it looked like some ED applicants were receiving their packets as early as the 13th. I've been hoping for the 15th (8 days left!) Do you have any idea when I can expect anything?</p>

<p>Thanks to all for posting here. This is a great little group and it's nice to see a little bit of banter as we all wait for our packets to come!</p>

<p>Since you have read the prior threads, you have the benefit of the reports of what actually has happened in prior years. My recall was that at least as to acceptances, CC sent them out by (and mostly before) the "advertised" date.</p>

<p>Awesome! Hopefully I'll know far before the 22nd then! Thanks a lot! </p>

<p>This is so exciting!</p>

you are right on the reason to press conversion of ea to ed. the class with the dorm issues was my son's freshman class in 08. the yeild was much higher than they though it would be out of ea and rd. it took them all year to get the freshmen two to a room (in many cases 3 or sometimes 4 were jammed into a double). it was apparently NOT a happy experience. son was lucky, got that room deposit in IMMEDIATELY so he was not put in that situation. it was those who were not quite as quick on the old room desposit that got penalized. STILL, i don't think even ONE of those students would say it was not worth it, and i don't think cc lost a single freshman because they all wanted to be there -- 3 to a room or not!!</p>