Why are we all so worried!?

<p><em>flames at SeniorSlacker</em></p>


<p>Seriously, the wait is killing me. My application has been "in review" since Mid-February, and omfggggg.</p>

<p>I really, really wanna go to USC. One of my really good friends is there, and my dad went there and everything:(</p>

<p>With the way my life has unfolded and the things iv had to tackle for the past 3-4 years, I need this and want this more than anyone else (Sorry, I dont mean to sound self-pitious or anything).</p>

<p>But why does it seem that Im getting more and more confident with every passing wave in which im not included. Maybe its cuz I want this so much that I will not let anbody, my own mind included, take this away from me. This is MY dream. And I know Ill be fine anywhere I go.</p>

<p>sorry to be rude, but aj, you just had to post that.. to... </p>


<p>prove to us you have self-confidence..? o.o''</p>

<p>don't worry aj, I appreciate your post. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who somehow feels like he has a better shot everyday he doesn't get in. Right now I feel very optimistic and confident and I don't know why.</p>

<p>lol china, you sweet sweet little boy. or girl. </p>

<p>optimism is good. im the most optimistic person i know; but the point is not to lose your head. reality often stomps on optimism. optimistic people are usually perceived as naive characters. just a thought. :)</p>

<p>Great post Aj, I appreciated it!</p>