Will Georgetown join the no-loans club?

<p>It seems that every elite private university now has gone the no-loans route; even those which relatively rank lower than Georgetown (tufts). Will Georgetown be next?</p>

<p>what is the no-loans route?</p>

<p>FinAid</a> | Answering Your Questions | No Loans for Low Income Students</p>

<p>hope so..... but i doubt it. i think georgetown is pretty notorious for low financial aid it seems.</p>

<p>Georgetown's 1 billion dollar endowment is smaller than those that went to no loans. Uchicago, Northwestern, and Wustl all did it this year and each had around 6 billion dollar endowments. Even Tufts has 1.5 billion and Georgetown is almost twice as its size.</p>

<p>Georgetown is trying to get there, but right now they can only give no loans to a select few students in the Georgetown Scholarship Program, which is funded by alumni donations, and is in it's 3rd year now. It isn't really clear how students are picked for the scholarship, besides financial need. They seem to want to get rid of loans, but simply don't have the funding for it.</p>

<p>Does anyone have information about Georgetown's current capital campaign? A school of such caliber could definitely use an endowment greater than 1 billion.</p>

<p>The Georgetown Scholarship Program doesn't even completely get rid of the loans, at least not for some (me!). My understanding is that it replaces the Stafford loan with grants entirely for the first year, then partially for the remaining three years (less each year). It helps, but unfortunately definitely does not get rid of loans entirely. For me, it means I will graduate with about 20% less debt, which is nice, but the total debt I will have is still tens of thousands. Oh and I have no clue how students are selected for GSP either.</p>

<p>I've heard that Georgetown is working on its financial aid, but I think it will be at least a few years before it attempts any sort of no-loans initiative.</p>

<p>wait, how were you selected for the GSP? is that through admissions or finaid?</p>

<p>Either way, i heard that GTown is no very generous when it comes to finaid. That sucks :(</p>

<p>It's more generous than schools like BC, at least!</p>

<p>georgetown is only ranked 76th nationally in endowment funds. it is the highest caliber university with the lowest endowment.</p>

<p>trudat, georgetown has a smaller endowment than several liberal arts colleges even, most notably pomona with 1.8 billion dollars for its 1500 students.....georgetown has 1 billion for 14,000 students.</p>