Will I be able to attend fall semester this year?

Hello, so I’ll try to keep it short.
I tried to register for classes over a month ago, but was not able to due to a preregistration hold on my account. In order to resolve this hold, I had to pay a certain amount for the past due bill from last semester. However, I have grants/scholarships that would cover it, and was told by an advisor that these grants/scholarships would process the 24th of this month. But they did not. So I called again and he apologized for he made a mistake, as those available grants/scholarships were only good for this semester (not last). So now I am currently trying to desperately get a loan from a credit union to pay off the past due amount so I can remove the hold from my account and register for classes. But classes start next week, on Tuesday. And I have no idea how long the loan will take to process if I do manage to get one today. Will I not be able to attend fall semester now? Do I have to wait until spring semester now? I am so torn and frustrated.

You need to think about whether you can afford four years of university. Given that you have not yet been able to pay off your first year, it seems unlikely to me that you will be able to afford four years. There isn’t much point in attending two years if you can’t afford to finish.

How did you end up doing last year? I see a post that at one point you were struggling with some of your classes. However, I know that some students struggle at some point during the year and then pull through well at the end and I didn’t see how last year ended for you.

How much do you owe?

Meet the Dean of students and get an emergency loan NOW.

I was completely unaware of the past amount due, and was uninformed up until about a month ago. Otherwise, had I known in advance (immediately after spring semester), would I have had no issue paying it off. I owe 17,000 but can not come up with that amount in just a week. And I did indeed struggle at the beginning, but passed all my classes with a cumulative gpa of 3.37

How were you going to pay for college last semester?
What happened?
Did you get notified previously?

I would suggest you speak to someone at the Bursars office ASAP and try to work something out.