Worrying About My Chances of Getting Into Even One School

Right now, I’m seeing a long list of rejections, and a strong likelihood that the school you get into is going to be out of your price range. Not every private school is generous with financial aid. You need more safeties than UIUC, especially for a program as ridiculously competitive as engineering. What you also really need to do is focus heavily on scholarships, not prestige. Try University of Alabama to start. Scholarships are more abundant in less populated areas like the south and southwest. “Less ranked” schools in your home state are a very good places to obtain merit aid.

@ucbalumnus thanks so much this is really helpful

@Mwfan1921 Didn’t know that about Pitt. Thanks for the heads up.

@CollegeMamb0 Thank you so much. This list is really comprehensive, and I’ll definitely look into it.

@mamaedefamilia This list is great. I appreciate all of the help. I’m definitely going to research more about affordability and my chances with these schools. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this!

Which Se did you get into? Northside? I’m currently at Lincoln Park and I’m really worried about my chances. Do colleges do a background check? I’m also in the Ib program so Im not sure if it’ll benefit me but the school doesn’t offer much AP then the Se schools.

@ajbananacatfish Yeah, she went to Northside. I don’t know about background checks, but colleges do have school list when it comes to Chicago SE schools. My sister was the first person to be accepted to Duke from her school in over 5 years because people from her school would use Duke as their “backup school.” Not that Duke was truly a backup school for them, but HYPSM were always their first choice, not Duke. Generally, SE schools get kind of screwed when it comes to these T20 colleges because of the reputation of our schools. IB at Lincoln Park is definitely an achievement (maybe even more so than a lot of APs), so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Oh okay, thank you so much! I was a bit worried on how more kids from SE will get into Ivy’s or really good colleges in general, than schools that aren’t SE just because of how much competitive and difficult those schools are. Also, how do colleges determine GPA? I’m going to be a sophomore, and my freshmen GPA was 3.94/4.67.