Worth retaking the SAT for transferring?

High school is over. You just retook the SAT in May of your senior year, which was pretty much a desperate, probably futile move. You most definitely should NOT take the SAT yet again! High school is OVER. Your high school record is what it is. If you’re going to do anything, study your behind off to finish up with the best grades you can this semester. Understand that if you do wind up wanting to transfer, what you do at U Md is going to count far, far more than your high school record. Even if by some miracle you were to get a 1600, it wouldn’t make much difference. What the schools will want to see is what you have done at U Md.

Spend your summer moving forward. You want to start early at U Md? Go ahead, take summer classes there. You want to spend your summer working on a business idea, on improving your incredible social media success? Fantastic. Any of these things will help you to move into the future, might also help if you want to transfer later on. But please, leave the SAT where it belongs, in your past. Your high school application to college process is OVER.


Why do you want to transfer and how will you afford - for example UCB? As I recall you need aid.

The why matters because saying you want these schools for a desired specific career that requires a prestigious school will likely fall on its face.

In some ways, you are better to go to a CC. At least that’s a built in excuse to transfer.

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You might be right. Transferring from a CC would be easier. The down side is not having an acceptable school to transfer to, and possibly giving up two years at UMD.

I hope this student starts at UMD and rocks it.


It’s fine to retake it while you are in high school…that’s when the test is supposed to be taken.

I know it’s probably late to consider…but did you consider the ACT at any point?

And, there is always test optional if a college offers that and you don’t feel your SAT score is where it should be for that college.

OR…you could wait to transfer…and transfer for your junior year of college. At that point,my our college record would be what would be considered.

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UCB is test blind and only takes Junior level transfers with 60 semester/90 quarter units. OOS transfers have the lowest priority and the admit rate for 2022 OOS is listed below:

Berkeley 7% 632 44

Of the above schools you want to apply to…again…you were already denied admission to Penn, Cornell, Columbia, University of Michigan, NYU, right?

So that leaves USC, Cal, and NU…right?

Really…as a sophomore transfer, the same high school record that got you rejected this time will be used…again.

I forget…did I link this thread in your other thread? If not, please read it. The difference is that you actually got accepted to two fine colleges. This student didn’t. BUT he did reapply to two schools after his gap year and was soundly rejected a second time…and he had very high stats, and was a NMF, etc.

Which they won’t really see if you apply as a transfer for your sophomore year. Your transfer applications will have maybe one semester of grades. Your high school record will again be used. If you want colleges to see your college record…apply to transfer for your junior year.

Please…put the SAT behind you…put high school…behind you. You have a wonderful opportunity at UMD that others would be thrilled to have.


This student needs to transfer as a rising junior and not as a rising sophomore.

Starting a new school as a sophomore means applying in the spring. She will have one semester of UMD under her belt, which is hardly enough to make a difference.

And the “why” question still needs to be answered.


@iseeusee In case you wonder what this means…you will be asked the academic reason why you want to transfer to these colleges. What will that reason be?


I think it was to paraphrase - the colleges are ranked higher and I deserve them because I worked really hard in hs.


Hopefully that is not the reason this student plans to put on their application.


No. That’s from the I’m a stud but didn’t get into those schools thread.

She’s right - she is a stud. She’s amazingly accomplished. Academically at UMD averages but amazing.

And it’s a great get !! She’s gonna do great. She’s very accomplished. And UMD got a great one.

And I hope she loves them like they do her !!


If you wan to retake in June that is your prerogative. Do you think anything will be significantly different in a few weeks?

IMO there is no point to retaking the SAT after you start college. The SAT is an exam meant for HS students so I don’t expect any admissions officer will be impressed by a higher score on a test taken once you are in college next year.

In general I think it is a terrible idea to start one college with the intent of transferring out. This will stand in the way of your making meaningful friendships, developing relationships with professors, and getting involved on campus. Then if your transfer doesn’t work out as planned you will be really stuck. I’d start UMD (which has a really good b-school) with the intent of staying all four years. It is fine to throw in a couple of transfer applications but don’t count on it working out.


Hi @iseeusee,

I totally understand wanting to take the SAT again with hopes that getting a higher SAT score will prove to yourself that you can do it. But whether or not you get a higher score, you absolutely have what it takes to be successful in business. You don’t need “proof” of your worthiness whether that “proof” comes in the form of a higher score, or in the form of a transfer acceptance to a highly-rejective school.

So if you get a higher score on the SAT you just took, then give yourself a high five and keep moving forward! And if you don’t get a higher score? Then also give yourself a high five and keep moving forward! And if you do decide to try to try to transfer, then treat it the same way. Because it’s not the school that will make you a success, it’s YOU that will make you a success.

Your confidence in yourself has been shaken, but OUR confidence in you is not shaken. (And the confidence of employers is not shaken either. Employers understand that many, MANY excellent students graduate from their state flagships. Some even prefer to hire a local-kid-done-good from a flagship.)

Hang in there! This situation won’t feel so bad forever, I promise. Hugs to you!


I don’t believe that Northwestern or Columbia offer a business major.


I think your best bet is to focus on UMD and then decide if you want to transfer after experiencing everything your school has to offer.

While you’re there, join some clubs and make the most of it. And although you say that’s your intent, the fact you’re still focused on the SAT says that you arent ready to let go of a result that’s already been determined.


Is this your reason for transfer? That you are heavily set on it because you were rejected by a list of schools and UMD doesn’t meet your standards? You were accepted at UMD. That’s a great thing! Take advantage of it.

As for your being heavily set on transferring, first things first, MONEY.
You previously stated the following:

seeking aid, income around 120k

Transfers don’t get great aid. How will you pay for the other schools? I know that they are all very costly schools. (Taking the SAT, after the fact, multiple times, is not a good idea. They do note the numbers of times you’ve taken it. Not a good idea and waste of time/money).

So how will you pay that bill? That’s the first thing you should research, who will be paying your bill from the bursar? What good does it do you to get in as a transfer if you can’t pay the bill?

At the UC’s you wont get a penny because these are public schools sponsored by the state’s taxpayers. You are not a resident and it is very difficult to become a resident.
You are looking at paying ~$67K per year.

As for USC, it is a private college. Most of their funding is targeted for their freshman, athletes and musicians. You may receive some funds from them, but without being a National Merit winner, you wont be fully funded, so that’s about $80K per year. No, there are no loans, at these amounts, for 18/19 year olds.

The policy of the majority of highly selective private colleges is to meet the full demonstrated financial need of transfer students.

UCs do not consider SAT (or ACT) at all, and only take transfers who will enter as juniors (not sophomores). In addition, business is one of the more competitive majors at UCB. Transfers by major | University of California indicates that transfers to business at UCB for fall 2022 had a 5% admit rate with 25th-75th percentile college GPA range of 3.86-4.00 for admits and 3.85-4.00 for those who enrolled.

Also, there is no need-based financial aid for out-of-state students at UCs.

In any case, the SAT is intended for high school students, so retaking it after high school is unlikely to make a favorable impression for transfer admission, even if you get a higher score.

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True, but they also take very few transfer students.

And UMD has a “top 25” undergraduate business program, per USNWR rankings.

OP, it is critical that you have a good answer to this question. You can’t simply say you want a “higher ranked” school. (And Columbia and NU don’t even offer an undergraduate business major as @merc81 pointed out).

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