Wrestling Recruiting

Let’s not forget that Stanford has a $28B endowment, as reported October 2019. It’s hard to believe they needed to cut 11 sports.

Can anyone suggest high school summer wrestling camps? DS would like to wrestle at his prep schools this fall.

Has he wrestled before? Where are you located?

He might want to reach out to the school wrestling coach. At least around here, most of the LPS will go to 1 or more camps as a team.

We live in Southern California. Not a lot of wrestling cultural here although my brother managed it. There are a lot of wrestlers in my family from, you guessed it, Iowa. He has never wrestled before but he is interested and seems to have a good build. Also wants to row crew. He is going to Choate in the Fall. Really hard to in person options that aren’t already full.

You may have better in person options if he is willing to go to the middle of the country. Covid doesn’t seem to exist here, or at least protocols don’t.

I would call and let them know he is a first time wrestler, because most of the camps are going to assume he has some experience. He can still learn a lot, but he needs to find something more basic and not advanced.

Purler could be an interesting option, although you still should call them first. There are 2 brothers, one in KC and one in St Louis. I think they are similar in their approach. They don’t try to teach 20 different things, they focus on a few and REALLY drill down on them. If they think their takedown camp would be appropriate for a new wrestler, that could be a good one. Both my eventual college wrestler and his less intense brother learned how to ride legs there, they spent 2 days on about 5-6 moves. The less intense one was pretty bored, but both of them were really dangerous with legs after that though. That might give him a foundation on a takedown series that would be at a good level for HS.

He could also do one of the more generic camps out there. Team camps tend to be pretty popular, and there will be kids of all levels at something like that, not just experienced kids. It usually isn’t a problem to be a single there, they just put you on a team. My son had more fun at those, because it is a combination of learning technique and also duals so there is competition and more team bonding. I don’t know if you were experienced in wrestling or just your brother, but wrestlers are pretty tribal. I wouldn’t worry too much that he wouldn’t have fun at a team camp, as long as he is trying he will be adopted and “one of us” pretty quickly.

Probably worth an email to Choate’s coach too. He might have good suggestions, or even offer to take your son with his team somewhere this summer.

ETA: Do NOT go to the leg riding camp. If you wrestle you know this, but that is not something a new wrestler should tackle. It’s a great recipe to getting discouraged and quitting. It’s a good tool to have in the toolbox eventually, but not one you start out with.