WSU Transfer Decision Date

Does anyone knows about their fall 2019 transfer decision date, or is it on a rolling basis?

any existing transfer students there remember when they get their decisions?

Wondering if anyone know how soon WSU will make a decision after transfer application/transcript/ACT scores being submitted?

I just got my acceptance today (email)! I applied in early January and sent all my documents before the 2nd-3rd week of January.

@90smix so you are a OOS transfer from CC? My D is still waiting…

My D sent her ACT scores back in Oct 2018 and finally WSU’s portal updated that now they have the completed information and strating to review D’s application. Anyone knows how soon I will get a decision?

Accepted 3/15!

@ebsclsgs CONGRATS TO YOUR DAUGHTER! :smiley: :smiley: