Yale Admits 675 for SCEA

<p>A couple of points:
1. Deferred applicants can get in during RD. My son at Yale knows a number of people who did. So a deferral is not the same as a rejection.
2. There is no question that a lot of factors determine who will be accepted--these include geography, interests, and achievements. It has been my observation in the past the the best predictor of success in getting into highly selective schools is significant personal achievement in an activity outside the high school (assuming stats are high enough).
3. A student on another thread complained that highly qualified students are being squeezed out by URMs and others. There is a grain of truth to this, because Yale does want to have URMs--but there were lots of URMs who were deferred, and of the two accepted URMs on the results threads, both had good scores and one had a 2370.
4. Recruited athletes don't seem to post on CC a lot, so that part of the equation isn't very clear.</p>

Harvard recruits approx. 220 athletes and Yale approx 140. So if we take the recruited athletes out of the equation, we get 552 non-athletes out of 4231 admitted at Harvard, for an non-athlete admit rate of 13%. At Yale it's about 535 out of 4304, or 12.4%

<p>So when you subtracted the 220 athletes from the 772 admits, but you didn't subtract 220 from 4231? Does Harvard have the 5th lowest early admit rate this year? We have to wait to see Chicago's admit rate tomorrow.</p>