Yale Fall 2021 Transfer

how do you know this?:slight_smile:

it’s in the application portal lmao

lol thanks i should check that out

Does anyone know the difference between interviews with an admission officer versus an interview with alumni? Do they even do alumni interviews for transfer students? I haven’t seen any examples in this thread.

Yeah I am a little confused about how this system works as well. The consensus seems to suggest that a select group get the admissions interview but does that mean hundreds of students or like 50 students?

Lol if only every single transfer applicant would be part of this thread.

Only a very small number of applicants get interview requests, usually when they have a unique background or something that needs clarification or when admissions officers would like to see them in person (I say “in person,” but virtually—you get the meaning) for whatever reason. As I’ve explained above in the thread based on the transfer admission experience of my friends at Yale and many others who applied to Yale from my school and from other schools that I have connections at, interview requests are pretty neutral in meaning. There’s pretty much no way for us to explain why it happens since results are pretty inconsistent and not contingent on whether or not applicants are interviewed; there are a number of factors that might have been “flagged” (not in a negative way but just depending on the applicant’s specific situation) and gotten the admissions officers’ special attention. They also just want to know some people out of curiosity or to hear more about something that they find interesting. A lot of military applicants get requests, and some for various other reasons. Hope this helps even a bit!

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As we approach the decision release on May 13, I wish you all the best of luck! :relaxed::heart:


rabbitcat, thanks for your insight! Best of luck everyone!

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thank you so much for this thorough explanation. This is so helpful. I wish you and everyone the best of luck in the coming weeks. I may be wrong, but i am hopeful that yale may take more applicants transferring into the sophmore class because so many people chose to take a gap year last year due to covid. this is all based on conjecture, i may be completely wrong, but still i hope everyone hears good news in the next few days.


just wondering bc i’m now realizing this might be a problem lol - has everyone been able to view their fin aid checklist this whole time? since applying and receiving a portal log in i’ve never been able to see my checklist. it always says “fin aid checklist is unavailable right now.” just nervous bc I realized idk if they ever received my fin aid stuff

i’ve never been able to see mine

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