Your favorite dog training method for running away/prey instinct and come on command

A fence works too :slight_smile: We have a Jack-Chi that has no idea how small she is. And she loves to go after the big Sheepdog next door from behind the fence. Without the fence, she’d be swallowed in about 2 seconds, because I guess some dogs are lower on the food chain than others.


Our trainer told us if our doggo (nearly 7 month old F1b Golden Doodle) ever gets off leash to never chase. Instead, get on the ground on all fours, downward dog if possible. Then she said to speak very loudly, high pitched, and excited. Once they avert their attention it’s a treat-a-palooza with excited talking until you get them back. Edited to add: she said never practice this! It has to be for emergency use only.

Also, we’re working on the counting game. He’s 7 months so it’s a work in progress. He’s at one end of the yard while we’re at the other. Start counting loudly and dropping treats. The treats continue until doggo comes. He gets all of them!!

We’ve used this when doggo is barking at people or dogs walking past our backyard. We’re not allowed privacy fencing so he can see everything… it’s annoying!

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What’s odd is that she (also f1b) does come easily, can walk off leash in the yard well, and loose leash on the street. I ordered some pup peroni snack she loves and has not had around for quite a while to try some training again.

I had been chasing after her when she ran off. Also not excited all more stern talk. So, that needs to change.

We think that first am walk and evening walk are much more tempting when the deer are out.
The sit command is hard wired in her. So, using that.

I don’t understand the counting game - the longer he delays coming, the more treats he gets? Hope he doesn’t figure that out :smiley_cat:

That’s exactly what we said to the trainer but she said dog brains don’t work like that. They think “oh, all this for me!? I should’ve come sooner!”
Doesn’t make alot of sense to me but it IS working. Now all I have to do is shake his treat container and start counting. He’ll hightail it back even if another dog is back there. Is it 100%? No, but nothing is at this point.


Just finished a book ‘Respect Training for Adult Dogs’ by Michele Welton. I learned a lot about what I have been doing right and some I’ve been doing wrong in general. I learned quite a bit from the book.

Update- working on intermittent gratification of sit on walks. Walking with a leash in morning and evening when she is most likely to encounter deer. Walking without leash around the yard in the middle of the day. So far, so good.

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Update. Things have improved with some additional effort to train.

I did find out today that about the time she took off running, a neighbor reported 2 abandoned young mountain lions in the back area and that may have been the impetus to run.

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