Yygs 2021!

waitlisted :confused:

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Accepted to Session 1 for LPC

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Do you think it’s almost impossible to get off of waitlist, I was waitlisted too

same, waitlist. i wonder how many students are in waitlist, is there a good chance for us to get off or should i lose hope?

I got into LPC with financial aid! I honestly did not think I would get in but I did and I’m still thinking if I should go or not since it’s online I’m scared of what I will actually get from this experience. Do you guys think I should go even if it’s online?

Also, do you guys think there’s a possibility for them to switch to on-campus depending on how the health crisis acts until then?

I wish, but it’s highly unlikely. They would have to change the pricing, make last-minute arrangements, and find dorms for students. Additionally, some international students that are unable to travel might argue that it puts them at a disadvantage. However, maybe they could explore a hybrid model; I would be willing to pay extra for that.

anyone going to LPC II?

From what I have heard, it’s not that hard to get off the waitlist. It’s not guaranteed, but many people find the program too expensive without adequate financial aid, and they ultimately decline the offer (there have been a lot of cases like this). I am not sure if it is going to be different this year, but I assume they waitlisted more people, which they will eventually accept some over the coming weeks. Nonetheless, don’t put all your confidence into YYGS, and it may be wiser to look at other summer programs as well.

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I definitely agree that more people will be moved off waitlist this year; It’s hard for a lot of admits to justify the price for a virtual session.

got in to SGC III

Thank you so much!

Has anyone got off the waitlist yet?

Hey, I’m going to make a group chat for admitted YYGS people on Snapchat; maybe we can get to know each other better before the sessions :)) Just drop your usernames and I’ll add you!


ignore this sorry