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Should I transfer now? Or transfer to a community college first? Or wait til fall sem?

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I am currently a freshman at Baylor University.

Going past the discussion of why I am transferring and whether or not I should transfer at all (I know I am transferring at some point, for personal reasons)...

Which is the wisest decision:
1) Transferring to a new college for the spring 2020 semester
2) Sticking it out until this year is over and transferring in the fall 2020 semester
3) I saw this option on transferweb.org -- Transferring to my state's community college for the spring 2020 semester and then transferring to a new college in fall 2020

My top option for where I would like to transfer to is Boston University.

and others on my list of possibilities...
- Northeastern University (problem: I applied here for fall 2019 and was waitlisted, then rejected. The NEU website strongly advises rejected students to wait another full year before reapplying)
- Emerson College
- University of Connecticut
- LIU Brooklyn
- Seton Hall
- William Paterson

I would really love to just go with option #1 and apply for the spring 2020 semester so I can get adjusted to my new school as soon as possible, but !!

The big problem is that while my high school grades were pretty okay from freshman to senior year first trimester, I suffered an extreme case of senioritis in the second half of senior year. Yes, I have many regrets now. But as I can't go back and change anything, here are my stats:

- freshman year to junior year average weighted GPA: 3.766
- senior year first trimester weighted GPA: 3.8
- SAT score: 1510
- senior year grades for second and third trimesters: I forget GPA but some As, some Bs, 1-2 Cs.

Would those grades be a huge hindrance to me transferring for spring 2020?

Sorry for the very long post and thanks so much for even reading this far ahahaaa
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