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Davis Square (next to Tufts) is #1 square in Cambridge/Somerville

Replies to: Davis Square (next to Tufts) is #1 square in Cambridge/Somerville

  • MastadonMastadon 1738 replies49 threads Senior Member
    Poll Results:

    Readers' picks

    1. Davis Square 8,398 pts.
    2. Harvard Square 6,747 pts.
    3. Inman Square 6,209 pts.
    4. Central Square 5,554 pts.
    5. Union Square 5,017 pts.
    6. Porter Square 4,873 pts.
    7. Kendall Square 4,515 pts.
    8. Ball and Teele Squares 3,877 pts.
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  • fromcaliforniafromcalifornia 151 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited February 2014

    Can you recommend the great stores and restaurants in Davis Square? I had been there once last Aug. I am sure I will be there again in the future. :)
    edited February 2014
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  • MastadonMastadon 1738 replies49 threads Senior Member
    I think of Davis Sq more for eating and hanging out rather than shopping. At least that is what we tend to do when I visit D. It’s fun watching the street performers in good weather.

    My favorite spots :
    Dave’s for sandwiches
    Boston Burger for both regular and veggie burgers
    Diesel Café for ambiance, hot beverage & snack
    Favorite new addition: Amsterdam Falafelshop
    Place we need to get back to: Flatbreads for Pizza and candlepin bowling

    I am sure that others can add to this list.

    Here’s a list from a foodie source:

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  • mathmommathmom 32653 replies160 threads Senior Member
    The pulled pork at Redbones is decent.
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  • classclownclassclown 288 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Davis Square is what Harvard Square was like 25 years ago before all of the chains moved in... Davis Square Rocks!!!
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