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Filler Classes

CupertinotransfrCupertinotransfr - Posts: 442 Member
edited July 2010 in UC Transfers
Hey what is your people's opinions on taking "filler" classes? I have 1 A- so I want to take a bunch of filler classes at CCC before I transfer to raise my probable 3.94 to 3.97. Of course these filler classes would be easy and require almost no work and are UC transferable. Do you think admissions at UCs would see this and disapprove?
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Replies to: Filler Classes

  • PerfectSkyPerfectSky Registered User Posts: 234 Junior Member
    i don't think they would disapprove, but why would you waste time/money just to raise your gpa by 0.3? you have to ask your self if its really worth it.
  • JamesGoldJamesGold Registered User Posts: 496 Member
    Raise by 0.03*

    You're not going to have a higher chance of admission with a 3.97 instead of a 3.94. It's just not worth taking extra classes.
  • CupertinotransfrCupertinotransfr - Posts: 442 Member
    it is worth it for reasons being 1. I will take a more rigorous course-load so it looks like I can handle more classes at once. 2. Money doesnt matter because it's community college and it's cheap. My question is would this give off a "quantity over quality" impression to admissions officers?
  • UCeric2010UCeric2010 Registered User Posts: 342 Member
    Admissions officers won't care, in their eyes you basically have a 4.0 anyways since a lot JC's don't do a + or - grading scale and you would have a 4.0 if you were at such a school. If you have your pre-reqs done, maintain your GPA and write a solid essay you'll get into the UC of your choice regardless of how many classes you took in one semester. You'd be much better served doing some EC's than taking a few filler classes.
  • MortimerCMortimerC Registered User Posts: 207 Junior Member
    Watch your units because when you transfer you might hit your cap sooner and not be able to do things you want (like take an extra semester, double major etc)
  • CupertinotransfrCupertinotransfr - Posts: 442 Member
    Uceric, you make a very good point. However, I still like the idea of raising my gpa even if it's almost pointless. As long as it doesn't hurt I will do it! :D

    I never heard of a unit cap before.
  • MortimerCMortimerC Registered User Posts: 207 Junior Member
    been a while since I looked it over, but first of all you can only transfer I think 70 units so anything over that will not count and is a waste of time. But furthermore, if you transfer in with max units, you will have to abide more strictly to your major course pattern in order to graduate, and may end up not being able to double major or minor.

    So to me the question is, do you want to pack your GPA now or when you get to UC. I would choose later, because the courseload will be more rigorous at UC so it's better to pack your schedule with cake classes then, especially if you plan on grad school afterwards, which really look into your last two years moreso than your CC. Hope that helps.
  • peterr86peterr86 Registered User Posts: 756 Member
    I completely disagree with MortimerC .

    Your best option is to transfer with 70 units. Often times the upper-division requirement will not get you to the minimum number of units you need to graduate.

    Take for example -Economics at UCLA

    UCLA Department of Economics

    Economics 1 --Econ 1 should be complete
    Economics 2--Econ 2 should be complete
    Economics 41--Stats you have to take at UCLA
    Math 31A-Calc 1 should be complete
    Math 31B-Calc 2 should be complete
    Economics 11 -Micro Theory take at UCLA
    Any L&S Writing II Requirement - English 2 should be complete


    Economics 101
    Economics 102*

    Economics Elective #1
    Economics Elective #2
    Economics Elective #3
    Economics Elective #4
    Economics Elective #5
    Economics Elective #6
    Economics Elective #7

    So that leaves 11 classes for the major at UCLA which is 44 units only

    To graduate you need 180 units

    so if you transfer with 60 you start at 90 units

    90+44=134 which leaves you 46 units short

    However if you transfer with 70 max units you looking at 105 units transfered in +44 mandatory

    you end up at 149 so you only need 31 .

    At 105 you only need 75 to graduate so you can take a much easier pace you assume 2 years to graduate so basically 6 quarters.

    you need ~ 12.5 units per semester to graduate which is a very easy pace. You can basically take 1 summer class in 2 years and graduate taking the minimum units needed to graduate. This also allows you to double major MUCH easier which is believe is just taking 1 extra class per semester to push it to 16 units

    however if you transfer with only 60 semester units you need 90 quarter units to graduate
    which means you need 15 units per semester to graduate so you definitely need summer classes or 16 units a semester. Double majoring is much tougher which means ~ 20 units a semester.

    p.s Unit cap at UCLA is 216 units

    which is more than enough for any double major
  • CupertinotransfrCupertinotransfr - Posts: 442 Member
    All I know if I will go over the unit cap but I don't care if units don't transfer over. In terms of having to abide more strictly to my course major, I have not heard of that before. Thanks for your concern though. I don't think I want to pack my schedule with really heard rigorous courses at my UC. I just want to meet the minimum requirements to graduate after I transfer. :\

    Hey peter, very nice insight.
  • peterr86peterr86 Registered User Posts: 756 Member
    Hmm cupertinotransfr you still in CC? i could have sworn you transfered this year but i may be mistaken.

    This lull between end of school and start of Fall semester is killer so bored =/
  • MortimerCMortimerC Registered User Posts: 207 Junior Member
    @ peter86

    12.5 units isn't even full time. I think you erred somewhere in there and I'm far too lazy to figure out where.

    Fact is, people hitting unit cap is a concern, so much so our counselors warned us about it during CALSO.

    Ok I really didn’t have to do this but here we go

    Example: Berkely Polisci
    70 units going in
    You must take polisci 3 at Berkeley which is 4 units. You must take your cultures requirement which is 3-4 units, you must complete bredth which is going to be another 4-8 units depending on what prereqs your CCC offered. You must take 2 upper divison classes in some other field which is 8 units. And you must take your history requirement if you havn’t which is another 4 units. If you have financial aid you must keep full time status which is 13 units.

    Ok so added all of that up is 90 units give or take

    Now you must take 8 upper division polisci courses which is 32 units. Added all of that together is 122 units.

    Unit ceiling for a single major or major/minor is 130 units. So tell me, how can you minor with those units? You can’t.

    Ceiling is 135 for double major. Tell me, how can you double major (from 6-8 upper divison classes) . It’s going to be next to impossible, and If you find away to combine classes to hit more than one requirement then you are sticking yourself in a situation where your schedule isn’t going to be flexible at ALL.

    Added to the fact that classes are impacted and some or only offered in spring or fall and sometimes they conflict, you might find yourself at the end needing that extra semester, and you can’t because you hit ceiling.
  • peterr86peterr86 Registered User Posts: 756 Member
    your kidding right 12 units is full time it's 3 classes and most UC's consider that full time

    As i quote from UC davis

    Undergraduate students must carry a study load of at least 12 units (including workload units) each quarter in order to be certified as full-time students for insurance and financial aid purposes or to compete in intercollegiate athletics.

    Uc Berkeley is an isolated case it would seem

    A 15-unit class schedule each semester is considered to be a normal course load.
    A 13-unit class schedule is a minimum course load.

    pretty close

    and the unit cap is

    130 and 135 for double major

    Problem is since Berkeley is on the semester schedule that leaves only 2 semesters a year so you only get 4 semesters.

    I don't know how many units you need to graduate but i would assume 120

    which is 15 a semester

    but if you transfer with 70 you only need 13 a semester.

    UC Berkley also looks extremely anal about Unit caps at 130

    Most UC's on the quarter units cap theirs at 200+ usually 216 so that significantly more.

    I guess they really want to get you out of there

    P.S :: I redid the math

    According the http://polisci.berkeley.edu/undergrad/requirements/pre/#UpperDiv and matching it with assist

    You would assume a UC Berkeley applicant would have completed all available classes at a J.C . So that mean the lower req- History class is done and Poli Sci 1 is complete atleast

    So that leaves Poli Sci 3/ Poli Sci 2 or 4 or 5 Which is 8 units and 7 upper division requirements

    7*4 = 28 +8 = 36 + 70 = 106 which leave you 24 units to play with. assuming another major's req is very close to the same upper division requirements you need 7 classes in that major as well. 106+28 leaves you right under the 135 double major cap
  • MortimerCMortimerC Registered User Posts: 207 Junior Member
    8 units and 8 upper division classes, and cultures requirement.

    AND 2 classes in another major
    that's 118

    Say you need 6 more upper division classes for a double. Not even counting any prereqs you may not have hit. That's 142.

    So youd have to fall under 135 by 4th semester while sustaining enough units to be full time. It's harder than it seems.

    Wouldn't it be better to just walk in with less than max units and be able to pace yourself/ pick and choose your classes when it matters?

    And a 200 unit ceiling? REALLY? Why even have one?
  • peterr86peterr86 Registered User Posts: 756 Member
    actually it's not that far off from berkeley in a quarter system the graduation requirement is 180 so 200 isn't that far off.

    unless i mis-read the website


    Seven (7) Political Science courses from those numbered 102-189, 191 (the junior seminars), and/or c196w (the UC in DC program) in accordance with the following provisions:

    it definitely says seven

    it even repeats it here

    The Political Science major is comprised of 5 lower-division requirements and 7 upper-division political science courses, for a total of 12 courses. 3 of which should be taken already for lower division
  • MortimerCMortimerC Registered User Posts: 207 Junior Member
    Undergraduate Program - Requirements for the Major

    Upper-division coursework: Students must complete a total of eight upper-division courses within the Political Science Department from those numbered 102-189, PS 191 (the junior seminars), and/or c196w (the UC in DC program). Graduate political science courses (numbered 200/above) may be counted.
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