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Class size

ColesdadColesdad 17 replies4 threads Junior Member
Can anyone who has a kid going here tell me something about the class sizes? We are looking for a small school for our DD and at one of the schools they said that a couple of the intro courses can have 100+ students in them. To me, that defeats some of the beauty of the small school/get to know your professor aspect. Maybe some of the sciences will have bigger classes since that is a specialty here. Thanks for the help.
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Replies to: Class size

  • surfcitysurfcity 2642 replies61 threads Senior Member
    My daughter is a sophomore. I don't think she has had 100 students, or near that, in any class. Her CIE and Intro to Psych had 30 tops. She has not taken a biology class but that is a popular major so I suppose there could be larger classes.

    But there are not too many rooms that would hold 100 students on campus! She and we have been extremely pleased with the close relationships she has developed with her professors. They know her very well and she is a bit on the quiet side but they have drawn her out. I am impressed with the academics so far.
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  • ColesdadColesdad 17 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Thanks @surfcity. I've heard that Physics has the most and can top out at 60 students. Interesting about her Psych class as I heard those could get into the 45 range. Is your daughter a Biology major?
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  • surfcitysurfcity 2642 replies61 threads Senior Member
    She is a psych and neuroscience major. Her BF is a physics major. There are not a lot of physics majors at all but premed students do have to take physics and there are a lot of premed at Ursinus.

    Her Intro to Psych class was 30 but not sure if others are larger. I do know that sometimes you can get shut out of a class because they don’t have enough seats, so they don’t just keep adding students.
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  • dadof2ddadof2d 249 replies19 threads Junior Member
    From the collegedata.com site:

    For regular classes:
    2-9 students: 52% of classes
    10-19 students: 30% of classes
    20-29 students: 16% of classes
    30-39 students: 2% of classes
    40-49 students: 0% of classes
    50-99 students: 0% of classes
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  • ColesdadColesdad 17 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the answers. @dadof2d, that's a good website that I can now search for other info.
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