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Vanderbilt’s Blair School of music

singer2singer2 57 replies2 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Does anyone know approximately how many vocalist Apply each year?and how many they take? My daughter is a classical vocalist and is hoping to be invited to audition.
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  • Faline2Faline2 4208 replies40 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    Have your daughter send an email to her regional representative in the Vandy Admin office. There are also students on the payroll there. If requested, sometimes they will locate a current voice student at Blair to email with your daughter. You can also pose a question directly to the Dean of Music's office. They are accustomed to such questions. A decade ago, my son walked into that office to pose a question about auditions on a visit to campus. Sometimes a Blair student is on college confidential but it doesn't appear anyone is here at the moment to help you. Private musical instruction is often available for non Blair students as well.

    On a happy note for instrumentalists, Vanderbilt now offers a secondary symphony experience for non-Blair students...something very enjoyable for students who love to play but cannot aspire to the proficiency and rehearsal hours required by the premiere Vanderbilt Symphony Orchestra. (Rice Conservatory students in Houston do the same thing.) Rice Conservatory students run a more casual symphony for students with lower ambitions but years of training behind them as they were growing up. Playing is wonderful for student mental health, as are all the arts on campus. Duke has no conservatory, although they had featured players of great talent. Engineers, med students, English majors..whatever....could show up and play and rehearse on a less stringent once a week basis. This was a beautiful supplement to my Duke student's emotional life in college, despite the fact that he would never be accepted in a true conservatory. Another similar college with a rich musical life is Emory. You would be surprised at how many local Atlantans attend Emory recitals, performances and events. They have wonderful performance venues there as well. My Duke grad is one of the Atlantans who shows up for performances at Emory...
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  • singer2singer2 57 replies2 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Faline2 thank you for all this information.
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  • albertsaxalbertsax 298 replies5 threadsRegistered User Member
    Thomas Crespo in music admissions can tell you off the top of his head how many slots are available for each studio. Definitely worth emailing him.
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  • VandySopranoVandySoprano 1 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hi! Current vocalist at Blair here. In my experience, we end up having a freshmen class of 8-14. I don't know how many the department accepts per year. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me!
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