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QUES1QUES1 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
edited July 2009 in Wake Forest University
I just found out that I am assigned to Luter for my freshman yr. I looked on the WF website and it looks like 4 people share a bathroom between two rooms. I have a few questions that I'd like help with if anyone has ever lived in Luter.

Does this arrangement work out well sharing a bathroom? I'm guessing it's one toilet and one shower shared between the 4 people, is that right? Since I'm a girl, I'm wondering how well it works out for 4 girls sharing one bathroom. I can envision scheduling problems. Also, do people generally un-bunk the beds in Luter? Would that leave much space if un-bunked?

One other question, do people generally bring a small TV for your room or do most people gather in the common areas/lounges?

Any other advice from experience in Luter would be appreciated.

Thanks for all responses!
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Replies to: Luter?

  • saketmsaketm Registered User Posts: 401 Member
    I didn't live in Luter, but I had a few friends who did. Hence, I can't comment on the bathroom situation. However, I have never heard any complains.

    Luter probably has the biggest rooms. Most people unbunk their beds; especially girls. People do bring TVs for their rooms; I think its a good investment.
  • juba2jivejuba2jive Registered User Posts: 1,001 Member
    I lived in Luter my freshman year, and I really liked the dorm itself (I had a horrible roommate, but that's another story). You have a sink in your room and you share one toilet and shower with the other room. I'm a girl and we never really had much problem with scheduling regarding the bathroom. I just took a shower at night whenever I was ready to go to bed and I don't recall ever having to wait. Every once in a while, I would have to go downstairs to use the bathroom because one of my suitemates would take 45 minute showers (what the heck?) but it wasn't really that big of a deal.

    The rooms are pretty big - you can easily unbunk if you want. If you configure the beds correctly, you do have enough space to move about with the beds unbunked.

    There are a lot of common areas but there's only one big screen TV in the basement...people did gather down there to watch popular shows like Grey's, etc., but most people did have a small TV for their rooms too.
  • FluffyFluff :)FluffyFluff :) Registered User Posts: 109 Junior Member
    Luter is awesome. One unmentioned perk is that you you get your own closet and a nice drawer chest. In some other halls (not all) you have to share a closet with your roommate...
  • CBBBlinkerCBBBlinker Registered User Posts: 3,429 Senior Member
    DD just finished freshman year and lived in Luter. She thought the shared bath & in-room sink were great, compared to a hall bath, which she'll have this year. Many of her friends started out with the beds bunked to get more floor space, but after a couple of months almost everyone had unbunked. But I completely disagree w/ jubajive about the rooms being pretty big -- they're not. There's not much in the way of floor space once you unbunk -- no room for a comfortable chair or futon. Perhaps if you want to invest in a loft, there would be. (Check the WFU webiste for the only approved source of lofts.) Of course I'm also basing my opinion on my dorm room all those years ago -- my alma mater had really decent size rooms! Anyway, DD was on 1st floor of Luter which was actually co-ed; one side of the hall was boys, the other was girls. The rest of the dorm was co-ed by floor, I believe. The closets are quite large -- she put in a stack of plastic drawers as well as her hanging clothes. The desk space is built in, as are the dressers -- meaning the only movable pieces of furniture are the beds. There's a mirrored medicine cabinet over the dresser, which is hard to reach if you're shorter (DD is 5'4") -- she had a collapsible 1-step stool (from BB&B) that proved to be a life saver.
  • juba2jivejuba2jive Registered User Posts: 1,001 Member
    The rooms are big in comparison to other freshman dorms, but no, they're not expansive...
  • QUES1QUES1 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    Thanks everyone, you're the best!!! Your responses are very helpful!
  • QUES1QUES1 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    A few more questions on Luter - looks like the bathrooms are shared between two rooms (4 people) and are accessed from inside your room.

    Does anyone know how aften they are cleaned?

    Do the cleaning people actually come in your room on a regular basis? What happens if you are sleeping when they want to clean? If this is the way it works it sounds like it could be awkward at times.

  • QUES1QUES1 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    ^ correction - "often"
  • juba2jivejuba2jive Registered User Posts: 1,001 Member
    They clean once a week, usually in the afternoons. They usually knock on the door and ask if they can come in and clean...you can tell them to come back later if you want, but it doesn't take them too long to do what they have to do. If they knock on both doors to the suite and nobody's there, they'll unlock your door and go in and clean it anyway.

    The cleaning staff was really nice and friendly my freshman year.
  • FluffyFluff :)FluffyFluff :) Registered User Posts: 109 Junior Member
    ... just to add...if they don't clean for some reason there is a number you can call.
    Luter is really nice. I think it is the nicest of the freshman dooms. The only complaint i have is that the walls can be kind of thin.

    ps. Be nice to the cleaning people! The ones in luter are awesome.
  • CBBBlinkerCBBBlinker Registered User Posts: 3,429 Senior Member
    And to clarify -- the shared bathrooms are cleaned, but not the in-room sinks. DD said some of the guys, especially, rarely (if ever) cleaned their sinks, so by the end of the school year ... (I'm sure you can imagine!)
  • mirdavis09mirdavis09 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    I have recently been assigned to luter as well. I was wondering whether we have the option to loft our beds? are the closets deep enough to fit bins in the bottom to store undergarments and such? Is there a mirror in the room? How close is the gym to luter hall? Any reply would be helpful!
  • gadadgadad Registered User Posts: 7,772 Senior Member
    Luter? LOL - I saw this thread and thought it would be an applicant wondering if their lute-playing skill would be an admissions hook!

    So, as a '76 grad, I thought "What's Luter Hall?" I've been back to campus in the last few years and didn't notice any new residence halls. Then it occurred to me - "New Dorm" was over 10 years old when I went there and was still "New Dorm" many years later. I wondered if it would get a name before its obvious "un-newness" made it seem silly. The campus map confirmed for me that New Dorm finally got a real name of its own, courtesy of the Luters. So when did the name change from New Dorm to Luter?
  • scarletleavyscarletleavy Registered User Posts: 2,374 Senior Member
    I lived in Luter my freshman year and loved it.

    You could loft your bed in Luter. It's definitely possible. The rooms are pretty small, but if you work with your roommate you can manage to unbunk or loft in pretty much every room. You might have to be creative with the layout though.

    There is a mirror above the sink and above the drawers, but they aren't full length mirrors. If you want one of those just get one you can hang on the back of your door. The closets are deep enough, you can probably fit at least one "layer" of bins in them.

    Luter is the farthest freshman dorm from the gym, but it still isn't that far. It's a short walk.

    I had a TV in my room, but it's not essential. It just depends on what you and your roommate like to watch and how often.
  • juba2jivejuba2jive Registered User Posts: 1,001 Member
    gadad, I'm not sure, but I'd guess the name changed sometime in the 80s. A couple that I know went to Wake and graduated about when you did - they had no idea what I was talking about when I said I was living in Luter my freshman year, haha.
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