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Emails from Williams?

topp25topp25 5 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
I've requested information from Williams (email and mail) but I've received no emails from them. I did get some things in the mail from them but a while ago. Does Williams just advertise less than other schools that are contacting me?
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  • writingpumpkin03writingpumpkin03 157 replies6 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I'm a rising frosh at Williams and during high school, I only ever recieved one postcard from them, and no emails that I can remember. On the other hand, many other schools--Swarthmore and UChicago especially--sent me a deluge of marketing. It felt like a flood! Some other prefrosh that I've been able to talk with directly have said that they'd had similar experiences with regards to Williams marketing being infrequent or nonexistent.

    However, I have heard that Williams is super, super aggressive with marketing to students who bring ethnic/socioeconomic diversity to their campus. Idk if it's true but yeah.
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  • topp25topp25 5 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Thank you for letting me know! You mentioned aggressive marketing for ethnic/socioeconomic diversity groups. My family falls under the working class group, so would that be something you would think they would advertise me about?

    I know they have access to my numbers (through Common App and College Board) so I thought that they might consider me a weaker applicant... I'm not as attractive as an applicant on paper.

    I have a GPA: 3.6 (unweighted) and ACT: 31 at a highly rigorous school in NY. Also pretty strong and unique ECs that relate to my intended major (history) ... would that information effect how they market toward me?
    Thanks again!

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