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AP Physics Scheduling

avmlgeek36avmlgeek36 41 replies33 threads Junior Member
Hey! So I’m a junior currently taking AP Bio and AP Calc BC and we are starting scheduling soon for next year (my senior year). Now, I have to take a physics course so I was contemplating between AP Physics 1 and C. I haven’t ever studied physics before, but I will have taken Calculus by the time I start Physics C next year. Is that a good option? Oh, and to add, my other classes will be on the easier side so that would be my only “reach class”.

Sorry if this is confusing but my question is essentially if it is possible to go directly into Physics C given a background of prior Calc BC?

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  • skieuropeskieurope 40081 replies7395 threads Super Moderator
    Most schools require a prior course in Physics before AP Physics C. It can be done without prior knowledge, but it will be a lot of work, most likely. If others in your HS have done this, ask them for their thoughts.
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1605 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Yes, Physics C is typically the second course in a Physics sequence. Calculus is necessary but typically not considered sufficient.
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 2647 replies55 threads Senior Member
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    Our high school requires successful completion of AP Physics 1 & 2 and concurrent enrollment in (or completion of) a calculus course in order to take Physics C*. Your HS is obviously different, but for certain C was not intended to be an introductory or first physics class.

    *Which explains why only about 12 out of 650-or-so seniors take the class each year.
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  • XtremeBlaze777XtremeBlaze777 115 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Here is why my school requires a physics course before AP Physics C. The teacher expects you to already know everything so when you come to class, he will show you how to derive any new formulas with calculus and then essentially give you problems from physics 1 just harder and with calculus. It isn't the calculus that is hard, it is just the level of difficulty of the physics problem. Do you need a physics course before Physics C? In my opinion, you do not. You go over the same exact units it's just you get much harder problems because you have already been exposed to it. AP Physics C is essentially AP AP Physics 1 (yes the two APs are intentional). Talk to your teacher to see how many people take Physics C without Physics 1 because that will impact whether he/she will focus more on teaching vs harder problem-solving.
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