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Cal Poly grads have highest salaries of all CSUs, higher than most UCs


Replies to: Cal Poly grads have highest salaries of all CSUs, higher than most UCs

  • jacefromLAjacefromLA 212 replies105 threads Member
    I'm guessing this article is mainly true for engineering majors. Do you think it is at all applicable for business majors?
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  • AdesignerAdesigner 47 replies16 threads Junior Member
    Of course Cal Poly's Orfalea is top business school that produces graduates with salaries that are averaged into the rankings. Cal Poly business is 2nd best in terms of public university in Cali if you don't know! mostly only big firms and companies come on campus every week to have conference and have students network with them. And many alumni and distinguished speakers come back for us to network with them and actually employers support the learn by doing philosophy, students in some degree are at a premium status in terms of starting salary.

    Recruiters Tell Wall St. Journal Cal Poly Among Top National Producers of Business, Engineering Grads in the Nation
    Cal Poly Grads, Alumni Earn Top Starting, Mid-Career Salaries

    A report shows the median starting salary of 2009-2010 of $50,000 starting salary from undergraduates and graduate students of the Orfalea School of Business in all business areas. Everyone knows Cal Poly's business is top and students here get in mostly big firms. Average salary for a student here studying business with a concentration in IS makings a starting salary of $65,000. If you are thinking about accounting, the accounting program here is one of the best in california, Cal Poly is specially recognized and a "target" business school from recruiters of the Big 4.
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  • EliteToastEliteToast 118 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Just want to put in my two cents. As a cal state long beach student, I would have to say the "learn by doing" extends to most csu's. I would go as far to say that students from a cal state are more prepared for the work force. Yeah sure you can do some stupid research if you go to a UC, but can you actually do well as (in my case an engineer) in real life at a csu. I think UC's truly are best for post graduate. A bachelor's degree really is the practical knowledge and anything beyond should be the research. This is why i believe fully into the csu philosophy.
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  • CEinCaliCEinCali 132 replies19 threads Junior Member

    You are partially right. However, a Cal Poly Pomona engineer, I believe Cal Poly SLO has the upper-hand over Cal Poly Pomona and C.S.U.L.B. because of its larger endowment. For example:

    Cal Poly SLO has and endowment of $147 million for 18,762 students ($7800/student)
    Cal Poly Pomona has and endowment of $50 million for 22,273 students ($2244/student)
    Cal State L.B. has and endowment of $45 million for 34,870 students ($1280/student)

    Even as C.P.P. is expected to break the $100 million mark at the conclusion of its current capital campaign (putting it at ~$4,500/student), they will still only possess slightly over 50% of Cal Poly SLO's endowment dollars per student. Of course the endowment-only argument is overly deterministic as Fresno State University currently has over $5,000/student and is conducting a capital campaign of its own, but it's "regarded" as a mediocre university (at-best) in the California Central Valley. BTW I'm from the Valley myself.

    Moreover, I think that Cal Poly SLO has more academic prestige because (and I'm calling it as I see it on this one, so bear with me) being in a socially conservative area; it's not ashamed to put resources in its engineering program over liberal arts or humanities. Cal Poly SLO students are O.K. with the fact that their school is a polytechnic university, and engineering students are O.K. with the concept of paying more for it. (See: "Cal Poly College-based fees")

    Unfortunately, at Cal Poly Pomona and at CSULB, it's taboo to be proud of being an engineer, and the grip of the forcing-it-down-your-throat multiculturalist crowds is borderline sinister. BTW I'm of Mexican-origin, but I despise groups such as M.E.Ch.A. and like-minded on-campus organizations because I believe they foster exclusion and hatred of traits that they consider White-Anglo-Saxon.

    So, as much as I like C.P.P. and C.S.U.L.B. and their ethnic and cultural diversity and increasing selectivity, when it comes to engineering, Cal Poly SLO is still an academic outlier in the university system.
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  • LINGUINI01LINGUINI01 81 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @CEinCali being a member of MECHA and other related organizations, I can say you are definitely wrong about the idea that we "foster exclusion and hatred of traits that they consider White-Anglo-Saxon" - we instead support each other academically and emotionally in order to graduate and excel in our major, among other things.

    You probably met the wrong group of people that were part of those groups.

    And how is it "taboo to be proud of being an engineer" at Cal Poly Pomona and CSULB??

    From all the people I've met that are engineering grads from Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Long Beach, I can definitely say it DOES NOT matter what school you go to, it entirely depends on the person holding that degree. You can go to Cal State Long Beach, earn a bachelor's in EE (like my professor at my CC), and still be well off.

    When you apply to a master's program in an engineering field, being UCB or the like, they don't base their decision on where you got your bachelor's from - its all about your GPA and GRE (correct me if I'm wrong if there's any more prerequisites).
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  • WeirdasiankidWeirdasiankid 4 replies2 threads New Member
    "When you apply to a master's program in an engineering field, being UCB or the like, they don't base their decision on where you got your bachelor's from - its all about your GPA and GRE (correct me if I'm wrong if there's any more prerequisites)."

    Internships and research experience is pretty much necessary for getting into a grad school like ucb

    Research opportunities are not exactly plentiful in San Luis Obispo.
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  • LINGUINI01LINGUINI01 81 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @Weirdasiankid there you go, I knew I was missing something.

    And of course, there is no research opportunities at SLO, its a small town --- thats why you move up to San Francisco or LA over the summer/winter and take advantage of the internships there.
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  • thelazydaisythelazydaisy 41 replies12 threads Junior Member
    My question is, if these same students went onto graduate school, would there be a big difference? To me this makes sense seeing as UC's prepare students for graduate school, what with all the research they conduct. Cal Poly has that "learn by doing" motto, which is appealing to employers. And, of course, the major is important.

    But wow, UC Davis was a lot lower than I expected, and UCSD a lot higher!
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  • momneeds2nomomneeds2no 779 replies4 threads Member
    This study proves one thing. Not only do private college students graduate sooner, they make more $$$.
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  • eyemgheyemgh 5598 replies122 threads Senior Member
    @momneeds2no‌, that conclusion is completely unsupported by that data. Students from THOSE private schools made more (and likely graduated in less time than CalPoly, while likely paying quite a bit more for the priveledge), but not all privates. PayScale data is highly flawed and over represents schools with lots of tech majors.
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  • momneeds2nomomneeds2no 779 replies4 threads Member
    A far more comphrensive report than the "pay scale" data cited in the OP. This report contains a number of advantages: 11.3 million alumni compared to 1.4 million in Payscale; coverage for roughly 5,800 institutions compared to just 1,300.

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  • StreamlStreaml 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Most of these sites use unverified data and/or massage it in various ways. Payscale is useless because it is based upon anonymous user submissions. Anyone can submit any salary to any school they want, nothing is verified. The real tragedy is a lot of kids rely on these types of ranking sites in their decision making process.

    This is one of the reason the Federal Government launched the CollegeScorecard.ed.gov website. It is based upon official data submitted to the Federal Government by the educational institutions and IRS data. Based on the data, the salaries of Cal Poly graduates does make the top twenty in the state, coming in at number 16. Not bad, but definitely not number one.
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  • PoolShark223PoolShark223 24 replies0 threads New Member
    @Momneeds2no: Interesting link!
    The Brookings data measures “Value-added” to median student earnings 10 years after enrollment of 2001-2002. It ranks them on a 0 to 100 scale. Based on that scale, here are the top 10 four-Year colleges in California:

    100 California Maritime Academy
    99 Alliant Int’l University
    98 University of the Pacific
    96 Cal Tech
    96 Stanford
    95 Harvey Mudd
    95 Cal State University BAKERSFIELD
    94 Cal Poly SLO
    94 Cal State University East Bay
    93 Golden Gate University

    Here are some other “notable” California colleges further down the list:

    90 USC
    89 University of Phoenix (SF)
    85 Pepperdine
    83 Cal Poly Pomona
    83 UC Davis
    77 UC Berkeley
    76 UCLA
    72 UCSD
    66 UCSB
    61 UCI
    37 Scripps College (Claremont)

    I wonder how many UC (& USC) parents know their schools are outranked not only by Cal Poly SLO but by Cal State BAKERSFIELD as well!
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  • momneeds2nomomneeds2no 779 replies4 threads Member
    edited February 2016
    The bookings info is limited as it reflects data from students who received Federal financial aid only.

    Two key considerations, independent of federal aid: Gender and Grad school.
    Im not sure if the brookings dat controls for gender. Generally, women earn less, especially ten years after enrollment--typically age 28--when many women are taking career break to birth and raise young children. (Scripps)
    Nor, do i believe the data controls for students currently enrolled in grad school.

    Therefore, the data indicates a high correlation between career oriented, trade focused schools.
    Still, an interesting data set...
    edited February 2016
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  • qsearcherqsearcher 21 replies1 threads New Member
    Some body could hate what I like & vice-versa. No offense there. A couple of questions for the folks who have found CP good as well as bad:
    - If I am serious about Algorithms & Computer Programming, will I like Cal Poly. 'Like' does not always mean 'good at' :-)
    - If CP is accepted by the industry, there must be some emphasis on the core courses in CS: Operating Systems, Algorithms, Compilers .. Any comments on this front?
    - Is CP very 'tough' academically?
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  • eyemgheyemgh 5598 replies122 threads Senior Member
    @qsearcher, welcome to CC. Here's a little posting advice. Start a new thread. Your question is nor germane to the topic of the thread so it will be easily overlooked.

    Cal Poly is tough academically. It the CENG it is not known for grade inflation, possibly for grade deflation.

    Here's what you need to answer your question:


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  • qsearcherqsearcher 21 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you.
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