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Cal Poly is Top Choice for Top Students

awakenedreamawakenedream Registered User Posts: 1,269 Senior Member

Very interesting!

A couple tidbits:
77% of 2001 UC Davis cross-admits chose Cal Poly, 85% of UCSB cross-admits chose Cal Poly... 48% of UC Berkeley cross-admits chose Cal Poly!
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Replies to: Cal Poly is Top Choice for Top Students

  • DJdooeyDJdooey Registered User Posts: 196 Junior Member
    Hmmm, i cant really believe these numbers. 63% of cross admits chose slo over USC, 64% chose slo over UCSD, and 48% chose slo over berkeley??? I really cant believe these numbers. I dont know anyone personally who would choose slo over ucsd, usc, or berkeley unless they have to stay in the slo area or there is a financial issue.
  • CAchild3CAchild3 Registered User Posts: 226 Junior Member
    yea, definitely should break that thing down by region cuz i can only imagine locals turning down ucb for slo.
  • geminihopgeminihop Registered User Posts: 606 Member
    Don't underestimate the financial issue!! SLO is approx. 1/2 of UCB tuition...this is very attractive to many people, and I can hardly blame them.
  • DJdooeyDJdooey Registered User Posts: 196 Junior Member
    But wouldn't people rather loan a few thousand more a year and go to berkeley than go to slo? I know i would.
  • geminihopgeminihop Registered User Posts: 606 Member
    of course DJdooey...
    ~also some people are overwhelmed by the Berkeley "atmosphere" :) , SLO is certainly tamer and a nice college town...

    (just so you know, I prefer UCB over SLO ;) , but have many friends who have chosen SLO)
  • bjwbellbjwbell Registered User Posts: 176 Junior Member
    Cal Poly cost $4,000 tuition, $8000 room and board, Davis a typical UC costs $7,500 tuition, and $9,000 room and board. So the difference is $4,500 per year. Some people simple can't afford that much more money. I got the various numbers from http://calpoly.askadmissions.net/calpoly/aeresults.aspx?quser=cost,http://www.housing.ucdavis.edu/Halls/New/default.htm
    I knew a couple of good students at my community college who simple couldn't afford to goto the UC's as freshmen.
  • dstarkdstark Registered User Posts: 34,241 Senior Member
    I find the numbers bizarre.
    When looking at each individual school and then adding up the numbers, it looks like over 75% of students choose Cal Poly over other schools.
    Yet, when looking at the number in aggregate, out of 10,673 admiited applicants only 3450 enroll. This is a far smaller number.

    How are the two numbers rectified?
  • riversk8er87riversk8er87 Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    Well USC's engineering is more research based, and the degree isn't as good for an undergrad compared to Cal Poly. I choose Cal Poly over USC because of the aforementioned and a couple of other reasons. One, USC is in the middle of Los Angeles, and I hate traffic. Also, Cal Poly is a LOT cheaper. Going into over $150000 of debt just out of college was not an option for me.
  • sixthbattersixthbatter - Posts: 86 Junior Member
    The statistics given are biased. It assumes that Cal Poly admits and UC admits are equal. The top applicants at other schools usually don't apply to Cal Poly. For all campuses except UC Davis, we are talking about several hundred cross admits per school. This is a small number, and reflects far less than 10% of total applicants for the other schools. This small cross admit pool probably comes from the lower end of the UC admitted pool and the higher end of Cal Poly's admiitted pool. The cross admits are likely to choose Cal Poly, preferring to be the big fish in a small pond.

    Having said that, I think Cal Poly SLO is a fine school, academically. Most importantly, it has a traditional college atmosphere, something that is just as important as the "academic" qualities of a school. I would definitely choose Cal Poly over UCSC, UCR and UCI, if given the choice.
  • oOoOoTreeoOoOooOoOoTreeoOoOo Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    Cal Poly over all the UCs except for B, LA, and SD.
    Cal poly is really a good school, with a lot of fine majors.
  • twilightzer0twilightzer0 Registered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD are way above Cal Poly. They're not even comparable. That's indisputable.

    UCDavis is Much more higher than Cal Poly, because 1) it's a UC and Calpoly is a CSU, thus Davis recieves support from the rest of the UCs 2) Davis has more money. lots more 3) Davis offers PhD degrees, Cal Poly does not. Therefore, professors at Davis are better. Think about this, Cal Poly's reputation rests on its engineering program (mainly). Would you rather do something like Computer Science and Engineering at Cal Poly or UCDavis? givem ur hometown is in neither area.

    I would say UCIrvine and UCSB are comparable with Cal Poly, but I and most others would pick the UC because they are more prestigeous, and they actually offer an effing doctor degrees, thus bringing up the point of superior professors.

    Cal Poly > Riverside, Merced, and SC

    Well actually those three have several joint programs with the top UC's so...well Cal Poly > Merced for sure.
  • PointZeroPointZero Registered User Posts: 151 Junior Member
    I want to re-emphasize some things that were stated earlier. The reputation of Cal Poly rests solely upon it's engineering program. Outside of this, the school is only on-par with the rest of the UCs. Also, the cross-acceptance does not represent the amount of students that applied to the UCs sans Cal Poly consideration. There are a lot of these students.
  • neobonzineobonzi Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    I have several friends at my school, 3+hours from poly that chose it over Berkeley, UCSD, and USC hands down. They said it was mainly the atmosphere, and that the education didnt rationalize the cost. I guess if it makes you feel better about yourself to go to berkley or UCLA you would feel that the report is a travesty.
  • justsomeboijustsomeboi Registered User Posts: 90 Junior Member
    You are talking graduate level education.
    I would believe Cal Poly has the advantage when it comes to undergraduate education. It's number one focus is practical application and undergraduate education. Not research, theoretical, graduate education like UCSD, UCB, or UCLA.

    I've talked to alot of Alumni of UCLA and CPSLO students and there is alot of agreement that the CPSLO method of undergraduate education, especially for engineering and architecture is superior to most if not all UC type of learning.
  • Giants8307Giants8307 Registered User Posts: 505 Member
    Just because SLO doesn't offer Ph.D's doesn't means the faculty is sub-par. In fact, that has nothing to do with the faculty. Re: UCB and UCLA, many of my friends have turned down these schools to go to poly. I wouldn't do that personally, but many people do. Re: the rest of the UC's, I know only a handfull of people at SLO that didn't get into any UC's. I'd say 95% of my friends at SLO got into UC's.
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