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**Official Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2018 Admissions Decisions**


Replies to: **Official Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2018 Admissions Decisions**

  • yayitsme123yayitsme123 Registered User Posts: 737 Member
    [size=+2]Accepted!!! - CIT[/size]

    • SAT: 2250 (770 M/720 CR/760W)
    • SAT II: 780 Physics, 760 MathII
    • GPA: 96.66%
    • Rank: Top 5 out of 80, but not officially ranked :)
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): Spanish (5), Physics B (5), Lit (5)
    • Essays: GOOD, APPARENTLY!
    • Teacher Recs: AP Physics teacher who adored me/Math teacher, and I quote, "well, it doesn't directly say I want to adopt you"/Spanish teacher, self studied AP Spanish with him! Said it was one of the best he's written
    • Counselor Rec: Good, he likes me
    • Supplementary Material: Art supplement and extra rec from boss at nonprofit art center
    • Hook(recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): none
    • Location: CT
    • High School Type: Small public
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Gender: F
    • Extracurriculars: Technical theater (stage manager, lighting operator), FIRST robotics (captain), art teacher over the summers, math tutor, physics olympics (captain)
    • Awards: AP Scholar, Wellesley book award, Bausch and Lomb science award, state testing award thingy
    • Where else were you accepted/rejected?: I got accepted at MIT earlier today, so that's crazy!!!
    • Advice? Commiserations? Feel like bragging?: WOW today has been insane, first MIT and now this! SO excited to meet you all in Pittsburgh! :D and now it's late and I must sleep :D
  • AliceycAliceyc Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    [ *]SAT: 2160 (CR 660) (M 720) (W 790)
    [ *]SAT II: (USH 710) (Math 2 760)
    [ *]ACT: n/a
    [ *]GPA: 3.76 unweighted, 4.54 weighted
    [ *]Rank: 7/288
    [*]senior year coursework: ap english, ap calc bc, ap physics c, ap studio art, h art portfolio, graphic design

    [ *]Essays: I think I'm a pretty mediocre writer
    [ *]Teacher Recs: I was voted "teachers pet", so I'll assume my letters were all positive and enthusiastic
    [ *]Counselor Rec: similarly, I often consult my counselor for advice so her impression of me must be positive
    [ *]Supplementary Material: my essay showed a lot of interest. heck, i harassed the office of admissions frequently. I also participated in sleeping bag weekend.
    [ *]Hook(recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): extreme interest? Neither of my parents went to college.

    [ *]Location: NJ
    [ *]High School Type: public. ranked 20 or something in state?
    [ *]Ethnicity: asian
    [ *]Gender: female

    [ *]Extracurriculars: Marching band- 4 years. Color guard captain. NAHS- 3 years, vice president. School Lit mag- 4 years, editorial staff. other leadership and volunteering.
    [ *]Awards: a couple scholastic regional gold keys and numerous other art contests. AP Scholar Award and got a fairly high PSAT score. Was also student of the month for art.
    [ *]Where else were you accepted/rejected?: early decision.
    [ *]Advice? Commiserations? Feel like bragging?:[ /list] I was wavering between expecting deferral and acceptance. I show a very strong sense of color and technical skill in my portfolio but I was concerned that I didn't display enough pure design skills or process work (which I heard they like). I also felt that my portfolio interviewer was apathetic. As for my academics, during the on campus interview my interviewer explicitly told me that I have some strong scores and statistics for my intended program- that they would be no issue to my acceptance. she essentially said that as long as cfa approved of my portfolio, I would be accepted.
  • codenamedxxcodenamedxx Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    [size=+1]Accepted - CIT (ECE) [/size]

    • SAT: Not given
    • SAT II: Maths ll-800, Physics-800, Chemistry-790
    • ACT: 35 (Composite)
    • GPA: 95%
    • Rank: School does not officially award ranks, but always within the first two in my class.
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): None.
    • Essays: Is a simple read, giving a nice insight into my bringing up. On the whole, I would say 9/10.
    • Teacher Recs: Got my recs from my Math and Physics teachers. Both know me very well and think highly of me, so they must have been quite good.
    • Counselor Rec: My Principal wrote this since we don't have a Counselor. She knows me very well since I have represented my school very often.
    • Supplementary Material: Submitted a portfolio of projects made by me, demonstrating my interest in Engineering.
    • Hook(recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): Represented my State at the Nationals in Swimming and Kayaking.
    • Location: India
    • High School Type: Private, not very big, Member of a renowned chain of High Schools.
    • Ethnicity: Indian
    • Gender: Male
    • Extracurriculars: Worked at the School for the Blind, part of a team restoring heritage instruments, and there's quite a bit more. Feel free to PM me if you want details :)
    • Awards:National Merit Scholar, State Merit Scholar, Received an award for academic and sports excellence by the King of my region.
    • Where else were you accepted/rejected?: Nowhere. I dream of CMU.
    • Advice? Commiserations? Feel like bragging?: Haha, no bragging here. I know how I would've felt if didn't get accepted. So happy that I am though :) CMU is the one place where I'm getting to explore all the dimensions I want to! See you in August, everybody! And to the people who got rejected, it really isn't the end of the world. Do well at whichever school you go to, and all the best! (Sorry, I know it's a bit clich
  • TheMrCleanTheMrClean Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Early Decision letters should be arriving within the next couple days! Seeing as we'll be getting our decisions soon, I thought a decision thread was in order.

    Use the following template, and remove the spaces:

    [size=+1]Accepted IS[ size]

    Stats:[ list]
    [*]SAT: 2230 (640 CR, 800 M, 790 W)
    [*]SAT II: 760 Math II, 750 USH, 710 Bio-M
    [*]ACT: 33 (36 M, 32 E, 32 R, 30 S)
    [*]GPA: 95.67/100
    [*]Rank: Not Ranked
    *]Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): AP US History (5), AP Physics B, AP Calc BC, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics
    [/list][ b]Subjective[/b]
    • Essays: pretty emotional and deep. I personally loved them (specifically common app). CMU one basically talked about why I feel IS is special
    • Teacher Recs: didn't read but math and chemistry teachers loved me.
    • Counselor Rec: Good, considering she actually knows me and my family
    • Supplementary Material: just the essay, noted above
    • Hook(recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): Interview with alumni
    • Location:NJ
    • High School Type: Public 1600 students
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Gender: Male
    • Extracurriculars: Basically in every band under the sun. Our school's band program is known to be strong, as we have performed in places such as Carnegie Hall. I have also had leadership positions in some bands. I also used to umpire little league and kept score for tournaments. I regularily attend church and volunteer.
    • Awards: Honor Roll? lol
    • Where else were you accepted/rejected?: Rutgers
    • Advice? Commiserations? Feel like bragging?:
    A year ago my friends were recieveing decisions while I was a small junior looking to repeat their success the next year. For the next 10+ months I worked as hard as possible, drastically increasing my courseload while taking almost every possible standardized test so this day would come, the day I know where I am going next year. It is amazing to see the fruition of all this work and I cannot wait to join my fellow classmates next year. Juniors browsing this forum: remember that with perseverence, anything is achieveable
  • TheMrCleanTheMrClean Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    lol sorry about my formatting it was early and I was excited
  • swlsheltieswlsheltie Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    [size=+1]Accepted- Tepper [/size]

    • SAT: 2220 superscored (720 M/ 770 CR/ 730 W)
    • SAT II: 750 Bio, 760 Chem, 770 US Hist, 800 Math II
    • ACT: none
    • GPA: 3.8 uw, 4.2 w
    • Rank: none
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): 5's in Chem, Eng Language, US Hist, Bio, Art, Chinese
    • Essays: Pretty good common app essay, but supplement was a bit generic, :/
    • Teacher Recs: One was pretty generic, but the other was more personal and insightful
    • Counselor Rec: No idea, we had a new counselor this year who I've never even talked to
    • Supplementary Material:
    • Hook(recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize):
    • Location: CA
    • High School Type: small/mid-sized public
    • Ethnicity: asian
    • Gender: female
    • Extracurriculars: competitive fencing, counselor at multiple summer camps, tutored English in Taiwan, CSSSA, EIC for yearbook, 2 years in school class council, historian for HOSA, 4 years CSF, tutored students in math and science at local library, worked as an after school tutor, worked as marketing/administration assistant for local business,
    • Awards: AP scholar with distinction, silver and gold presidential volunteer awards, art award from attending CSSSA (art camp)
    • Where else were you accepted/rejected?: this is my first acceptance!
    • Advice? Commiserations? Feel like bragging?: I'm so excited! Congrats to everyone else who got in, see you there! :D
  • swlsheltieswlsheltie Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    By the way, the financial assistance packet says that there should be a certain "Early Decision Estimate Form" that was included with the admission decision. Anyone know what/where that is?
  • shauryakhazshauryakhaz Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    [size=+1]Accepted- CIT ECE[/size]

    • SAT:2230 (780 M, 730 CR, 720 W)
    • SAT II: 800 Math II, 750 Physics
    • GPA: 3.79 Unweighted
    • Other Tests: IB Predicted Grade- 39/42
    • Essays:Pretty good I'm guessing.
    • Teacher Recs: Mostly brilliant.
    • Counselor Rec: Kickass.
    • Supplementary Material:
    • Hook: Represented India in the World Robot Olympiad. Obsessive MUNner
    Personal[ list]
    [*]Location: Mumbai, India
    [*]High School Type: Private
    [*]Ethnicity: Indian
    [*]Gender: Male
    • Extracurriculars:
      Have participated in, and won awards in, several domestic MUNs and THIMUN@Hague
      Won Indian Robot Olympiad, and represented India at World Robot Olympiad.
      Enthusiastic guitarist.
      Created a website for raising funds for the cataclysmic Uttarakhand floods.
    • Where else were you accepted/rejected?:
  • shauryakhazshauryakhaz Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Hey, I just checked out the page you created. I just think it'd be cooler if it could be like a closed group or something! And congratulations :)
  • mkaissarmkaissar Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
  • glaser06glaser06 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    [size=+1]Accepted IS[/size]

    • SAT: 2090(didn't send)
    • SAT II:770 math, 720 chem
    • ACT:32C,33E,35M,33S,29R
    • GPA:3.36 unweighted
    • Rank:doesn't rank
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB):92 AMC, 2 AIME, 5 APCALC AB, 5 APCOMPSCI, 3 APCHEM, 3 AP Physics
    • Essays: fairly good. worked on it for a few weeks and had people read it. wrote about experience at hackathon
    • Teacher Recs: didn't read it, but i knew both teachers for 2+years
    • Counselor Rec: didn't read it
    • Supplementary Material: wrote a very detailed essay since i went to precollege. mentioned experiences and names
    • Hook(recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): precollege? cmu prof rec?
    • Location:Silicon Valley
    • High School Type: private
    • Ethnicity:asian
    • Gender: m
    • Extracurriculars:VP Robotics, made 2 apps during summer internship, runs XC, orchestra, App Dev Club
    • Awards:none
    • Where else were you accepted/rejected?:didn't apply elsewhere
    • Advice? Commiserations? Feel like bragging?: i got into CMU with a 3.36 gpa lol
  • zoemurrzoemurr Registered User Posts: 75 Junior Member
    Hi and congratulations to those of you that got in. Can you help out a mom that is new to this? DD is a soph and very interested in CMU. These acceptances were ED right? I thought you were only allowed to apply to one school ED? Also, have any of you heard about a financial aid packet or are you all comfortable with the fact that you may need to pay for all of it? Thanks.
  • yayitsme123yayitsme123 Registered User Posts: 737 Member
    Yes we're all early decision, and thanks for the congratulations! You can only apply to one school ED, but if another school has non-binding early action you can apply to that too (so I applied ED to CMU and EA to MIT, for example, agreeing that if I got into both I'd attend CMU).

    The thing about ED at CMU is that they'll guarantee to meet demonstrated financial need for ED kids, but not necessarily for all the RD kids. For ED kids it should be around the same cost as most other private U's since they'll be meeting full need. You can run NPC's and there's even a link somewhere to fill out where the office will you an estimate of the aid you'll get, they're pretty transparent about their process.
  • jiblerjibler Registered User Posts: 1,604 Senior Member
    How would I go about updating Carnegie Mellon about a new award/anything to update my application?
  • RainbowPitbullRainbowPitbull Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    Accepted: CIT

    SAT: 2060 (800 M, 550 R, 710 W)
    SAT II: 770 Math II, 710 Chem
    ACT: 31
    GPA: unweighted: 4.0 weighted 4.6
    Rank: 2 of 270
    Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): AP Calc AB (5), AP Chem (4), AP History (2)
    Senior Year Course Load: AP Psych, AP Stats, AP English, AP Physics, AP Calc BC

    Essays: common app (8/10)
    Teacher Recs: chemistry teacher
    Hook(recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): white male... so no

    Location: Pittsburgh
    High School Type: public
    Ethnicity: Caucasian.
    Gender: M.

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