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Colgate University ED II 2023 Results

NeermargaNeermarga 3 replies1 threads New Member
DD has been accepted to Colgate on Feb. 14. She changed from regular to ED 2 on Feb. 12th

SAT : 1530 : M: 780 R: 750 - One sitting only
MATH 2: 800
Weighted GPA : 4.72
National Merit Finalist
Seal of Bilingual Literacy
Outstanding Science Student for multiple years (she intends to major in Sociology - so not certain if that was relevant)
Also enrolled in Academy of International Studies for all 4 years

Model UN : 4 years Several conferences, few awards.
Piano : 9 years
Scholastic Bowl : 2 years
Literary Magazine: Grade 9 and 12
Church Role : First female usher
Community Service: Soup Kitchen hours during summer

Good Recommendation Letters, Good Essays, Great Interview..

DD is very happy but I am wondering if she made the right decision by withdrawing from Georgetown in order to ED at Colgate. I wish she had waited for few more days (till April 1) to see her options.
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Replies to: Colgate University ED II 2023 Results

  • markhammarkham 776 replies9 threads Member
    What matters here is that your DD selected Colgate for her own reasons. Obviously she will hit the ground running.
    Given her interests and capabilities I expect she will contribute immediately to Colgate's vibrant academic and extracurricular life. That's the beauty of a truly residential liberal arts college with this scale and caliber.

    There should be no doubt that she made the right decision. Well done!

    Go 'gate!
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  • NeermargaNeermarga 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you Markham. It sounds like you are a alumn of Colgate or have a child attending there currently.

    I missed to add several other details regarding my DD. She has 9 APs, mostly 5, including AB Calculus and also a job as Cashier at a local establishment. Through out her 4 years of high school she had to shuttle between 2 highschools for her demanding coursework. I do not recall all of her awards at this point. We did not apply for financial aid which proved to be a expensive mistake on our part as parents.
    My only hesitation with Colgate is due to it's location. I would have preferred to see her go to a college which is closer to major airports and hospitals.
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  • markhammarkham 776 replies9 threads Member

    Yes, you guessed right on my likely status as an alumnus. In fact, today I am on campus participating in one of our Bicentennial events, Charter Day. It is proving to be a terrific success with hundreds of students, faculty, staff, townspeople and alumni contributing on the occasion to 3 local charities:


    About Colgate's location, it is a 60 minute drive to Syracuse airport and there are many ways to reach it, especially around vacations when there are Colgate shuttles from campus. We have a hospital, Community Memorial, virtually on campus, while Syracuse and Cooperstown, less than an hour away, have major hospital facilities.

    I am sure that you will find your DD finds this beautiful setting in central NY very much to her liking and that you will enjoy your visits as well.

    Go 'gate!
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  • BayerifficBayeriffic 64 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @Neermarga it sounds as if you are insecure about your daughter’s decision. Your list of stats and resume you posted on her behalf is extremely intensive and strangely offers up copious amounts of credentials and I’m wondering how she had time to breathe. Colgate is a wonderful school. Perhaps she needed that peace of mind of getting in ED to an excellent school and relieve any pressure she was feeling. Getting into a school as prestigious as Colgate is something both you and your daughter should be proud of.
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  • locococomamalocococomama 61 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @Neermarga I would feel great about her getting into Colgate. We visited all of the Ivies and several other elite institutions and frankly nothing compared and both my son and I came to that conclusion separately. He left behind 3 merit scholarships that were around $100K each, so that was hard, very hard, but we really thought long term. He's been able to enjoy his Senior year now and I saw a weight lifted off of his shoulders once he made the decision and the got accepted. If your daughter liked another school more, that would maybe give me pause, but nothing you have said leads me to believe that. Her application was surely impressive, based on what you wrote, but in today's environment, so many impressive ones still get rejected. I would feel great about her decision, as long as she does.

    As for location, Syracuse is offering more direct flights this year (Frontier and United just added direct from Denver, look for others). And Albany, though 2 hours away, also has several direct flights. Do some research in that area and you might find it not as hard to get to as you think.

    Congrats to both you and your daughter. Getting into Colgate is a great achievement and I am sure she will love her new home!
    Go Gate!
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  • NeermargaNeermarga 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you for your kind words and encouraging response. I had completely forgotten about this post:) My best wishes to your son. I had read his profile somewhere in college confidential. Very impressive. If I am not mistaken you requested others to post their stats. Thank you!
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