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How do you let go of your top choice college?

nuhsgradnuhsgrad 139 replies18 threads Junior Member
So, now that May 1st is getting closer and college decisions have to be made, I think for a lot of us the reality is setting in that the "top choice" college we were all reaching for is just unfeasible, be it because of money, a rejection, waitlist, etc. I am personally having a really hard time getting over it.

So, how do you deal with it? Burn your rejection/acceptance/waitlist letter? Think about all the money you're saving? Throw away all the promo mail the college ever sent you? Drown yourself and your sorrows in spiritwear of the college you are going to?
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Replies to: How do you let go of your top choice college?

  • JustOneDadJustOneDad 5726 replies119 threads Senior Member
    No offense intended, but all your proposals were substantially shallow and unlikely to yield genuine satisfaction over the long term.

    I would dive into the departments at the school you will attend and attempt to find all the academic offerings and opportunities that excite you and that you can truly take advantage of rather than dwelling on the past.
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  • nuhsgradnuhsgrad 139 replies18 threads Junior Member
    @JustOneDad: No offense taken! They were more joking than serious. And you're right, I should probably start working to embrace the reality and benefits of a college that is attainable rather than the vague ideation of another. Thanks so much!
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  • dirk150dirk150 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Build a plan to live and work hard at your college you end up at! Figure out the landscape and opportunities, and go DO them! Connect with people at your high school that end up SIRing to your choice, and just have a good time. Dream colleges don't mean anything, you can be successful anywhere.
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