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Question for Barrett Students

mominazmominaz 170 replies18 threads Junior Member
edited January 2011 in Arizona State University
My DS will be a freshman this fall. We are trying to figure out how this all works. If we understand correctly he will have an advisor in his major (bioengineering) and an advisor at Barrett right? Which one does he need to see first to make up his schedule and sign up for classes? Also, if Barrett students get to sign up for classes first, when should he know what classes he wants/needs to take so that he is ready to sign up when the fall classes open? I guess when is early registration?
He has already reserved a spot in March for an orientation, but I am not sure what exactly happens at the orientation. Do they help him with his schedule then? I figured it would be really helpful if a current student could clear up some of this! Oh - and another thing, I saw a post where someone recommended Dawson for Human Event. Do you usually get a Human Event prof based on your major - or are they all interchangeable and your major doesn't matter as to who you get for Human Event? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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Replies to: Question for Barrett Students

  • arabrabarabrab 5890 replies78 threads Senior Member
    1. He'll meet with a counselor at orientation and then register at orientation for his classes. However, he may need to change his schedule if he's taking AP exams this spring that might meet some requirements.
    2. The first semester of the Human Event is the same for all majors. The second semester has different options.
    3. Students have different preferences for professors. Don't get locked on to having one and only one choice.
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  • FlagMomFlagMom 11 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello! DS will also be a freshman this fall in Barrett. We were told that at orientation (for him it is in April) they will meet with Barrett advisors as well as major advisors (in his case, Engineering). Then they register for classes. I was wondering about what he will do if his APs are good enough in math, for example, then the math class he'll be registered for will be incorrect. Guess they will somehow help him change it?
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  • christalena2christalena2 1640 replies27 threads Senior Member
    Hi there! Just so you know, I'm a senior Barrett student.

    1. First, it depends on his major, but he will have an advisor for his major, an advisor at Barrett, and sometimes they have an advisor in certain schools designated to work with Barrett students. For instance, at the business school, I have a business honors advisor (so I go to her instead of just the normal business advisor since there is some Barrett and business overlap). The Barrett advisors tend to be much busier so working with my business honors advisor (especially for upper division) has been very helpful.

    2. Early registration is really only applicable after he starts at ASU. Registration for current Barrett students opens before orientations for incoming freshman (so a current sophomore student will register for junior Fall 2011 classes in February before incoming freshman come to orientations in March). His account will be locked until orientation. However, choosing an earlier orientation (March/April) is great since he will get more flexibility in class choices. Also, there should be NO problem getting into the classes he wants/needs to if you choose an orientation date before May/June. All freshman take the same/similar classes, so there really is no competition so early registration is not necessary. There will be barrett/major advisors there to help them register. It's all done online through ASU's registration system, and shifting/changing the schedule is very simple once you learn how to at orientation.

    3. You don't really "get" a human event professor, you choose one. There isn't designated professors for majors, and that's really the point of it all. Human event is very cross-disciplined, so you WANT people with varying views and opinions in your class. My class varied from business students to engineers to dance students to music students, and it was great. Don't choose a professor based on someone else's opinion on them. If you want, you can view a list of the professors online at honors.asu.edu, and look at their research and focus of study. So, if your son seems interested in a particular professor's area of research, then he can choose based on that. Otherwise, it's really based on time and availability. I had two different human event professors for both classes, and they were both unique and I liked each class for different reasons. I originally chose my first professor because it was at a time that worked with my schedule.

    In response to FlagMom, once he registers at orientation, he will be able to shift his schedule himself through the online registration system (it's very easy). This happened to me, where I was taking AP Calc test, but I didn't have the credit until May/June. So, I registered for the calculus class assuming I would not pass the test (plus I wasn't able to take certain classes until I had those credits), and then once I got the credits, I switched to a different class by myself.

    Hope that helped! PM me if you have any more questions.
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  • mominazmominaz 170 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the replies and helpful information!
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