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Is there anyway to get into a US college without sitting the SATs?


Replies to: Is there anyway to get into a US college without sitting the SATs?

  • sattutsattut 1020 replies83 threads Senior Member
    I would try to prepare and get decent SAT I or ACT scores. If you are applying to good schools, I would take and submit SAT IIs: you should get good scores on those if you are studying for A-levels. If you can't get good scores on the SAT or ACT, then look for schools that will just take your A-levels. Schools in the US are used to looking at grades and SATs. You don't have grades in the US sense, so it is better to give them some of what they are used to loking at.
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  • ssswimsssswims 197 replies11 threads Junior Member
    A. Take the ACT instead


    B. Apply to a test-optional school.

    But I'd have to warn you, most schools do ask for a form of standardized test. If you take the ACT instead, they're equally accepted with SATs. By applying to test-optional schools only you severely limit your pool of colleges you could potentially apply to.
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  • excanuck99excanuck99 373 replies5 threads Member
    Many, many US universities not require SATs but frequently do for international students. However, if you have outstanding A-levels, these will take precedence and be given far more weight than your SATs. American universities appreciate that you were not trained, coached etc., for American standardized tests.
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  • greenstudentgreenstudent 218 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Why don't you just take the SAT? I'm a UK student and I took the SAT and 2 subject tests last year. The only thing that was difficult about it was the fact that I hadn't studied maths since GCSE so I had to relearn a lot of stuff, and teach myself some areas we just hadn't covered. Plus learning the american terminology for some stuff, but it wasn't that difficult (and probably would have been a lot easier if I hadn't tried to cram it into a month).

    Did you ever do the 11+? Just because some of the questions kind of reminded me of that, only more difficult
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  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1228 replies29 threads Senior Member
    The OP posed his/her question over four years ago. I think it's safe to assume he/she is no longer applying.
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